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NWT Addict Japan AD-02 Black Teacore Sheepskin Double Rider sz 42 and 44 both sizes

Nine Inch Males

One of the Regulars
This is basically a Lewis Leathers jacket taken to an even higher level. Incredible skilled craftsmanship from stitching to hardware to lining to labels. This jacket is beautiful, both of these just dont look great on me.

This gorgeous teacore sheepskin is soft but substantial, and these jackets get buttery soft and patina very fast. Both are brand new with their tags, never worn. Retailed at blue owl for $1995. Asking $1450. The last few pictures show what it looks like with some wear on it.

"Addict recreates classic motorcycle jackets based on mid-century designs. The quintessential riders jacket, the AD-02 is a timeless style with the iconic asymmetrical design derived from the 60's. Made from veg tanned teacore sheepskin leather, the jacket has a natural finish that will continue to soften and patina with wear. Fitted with a handful of minimalist details and custom hardware the jacket features a luxe quilted liner and pockets at the interior and exterior for a timeless design merging function and form."

Supple teacore sheepskin leather
Custom heavy duty Zippers
Fatigue colored twill zipper tape
Dull finished metal hardware
Red Quilted Satin Lining
Satin lined sleeves
Wearers left internal flask pocket
Double back buckles
Back ""Western cut"" yolk
4 exterior pockets
Gusset sleeve opening for a slim wrist closure.

44 Measurements:
Chest: 22.75"
Shoulders: 19"
Overall Length: 25.5"
Sleeve: 25.5"


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