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  1. S

    Buco PJ-27

    I have just purchased an absolute grail of a jacket, so I have to unfortunately let one go. It was a very tough decision, but I am now selling my Buco PJ-27 steerhide jacket. It is in very good condition for its age. I have not yet seen another anywhere near this condition, and the only other...
  2. busterthehuman

    (Looking For) - Buco, John Lofgren Black Engineer boot size 10+

    Howdy! I'd love to see what you have to offer - if any. I am searching for a good pair of black engineer boots second hand. I am not crazy particular about the condition as long as they aren't torn to shreds. Thank you.
  3. M

    Original BUCO Leather Jacket - Information Needed

    My father-in-law recently passed away at 87 years old and left us this beautiful jacket. It was purchased circa 1951-52 I believe. He went into the army for 2 years and came back and it no longer fit him. The first photograph is circa 1952 with him and my mother in law riding near the family...
  4. F

    Aero Leather Ridley jacket size 42

    This is a catch and release from a fedora lounger and Montrealer!!! It is a barely used Aero Ridley in black FQHH. Custom made with a 1/2 inch added to the sleeves and length. I've worn 2 times but it's too tight on me. It’s a beautiful jacket but I actually need a size 44….The jacket isn't...
  5. A

    Real McCoys Buco J-100 (size 44)

    Selling only because I've grabbed a size up. This fits really nicely, but I want to layer in winter with a thick hoody, and this is just a bit tight for that. Probably about 2 months wear, so much life left in this, absolute beauty, looking forward to receiving my size 46...! Bought for...
  6. Bahabp100

    The Grail podcast by Dean Delray

    I haven’t seen this mentioned here on TFL before (although it might have been) - but I want to recommend The Grail podcast . Hosted by Dean Delray , a former Rocker (hard) and Current Stand up comedian and all around great guy and conversationist . On this show he interviews people from the...

    Brooks Gold Label Cross-Zip!

    Hi everyone, sale beautiful Brooks Cross-Zip, Gold Label !! in Excellent condition! Shiny Leather, Rich Hide Grain! as shown in the photo! perfect zips original "Talon", lining in excellent condition. I'm honest, I love this jacket too much! and I deprive myself of it just because unfortunately...
  8. W

    Real McCoy's Buco J-24 vs. J-24L

    Has anyone here handled the Real McCoy's Buco J-24 AND the J-24L and can speak to size differences, other than length? Online resources suggest there may be some differences in the body and shoulder, but I'd like to confirm. Thanks.
  9. K

    FS RARE The Real McCoy BUCO J-82 PADDED Size40 Black Shinki Horsehide ENDGAME Motorcycle jacket

    Another one that need to go! RareThe Real McCoy BUCO J-82 PADDED Size40 Black Shinki Horsehide Mint Condition. Only worn for photoshoot. Bought this guy brand new. They retail for $2875, I'm willing to let this beauty go for $2500 shipped trust me you wont be disappoint! Up of negotiations, the...
  10. H

    WTB: Real McCoy's J-24 (42) / Freewheelers La Brea (40)

    Just as the title says I'm looking for a RMC J-24 size 42 possibly a 40. Or a La Brea in black size 40. Feel free to DM or comment
  11. T

    Concern about Buco J-24 Sizing

    Hey guys, I am thinking of getting a Buco J-24. I am 180CM 80KG. My built is on muscular side. My measurements: - Chest (44') - Shoulders (19') - Sleeves (24.5) - Length (31) According to measure guide of RMC, I am suggested to get a 44. Can I really trust that? Because I don't get to try it...
  12. T

    Buco J-82 repro

    Dear TFL members, I recently started to get interested in Buco J-82 and have the following questions. Would appreciated any answers/insights. Thanks! 1) Historically, are Buco J-82 only offered in steerhide, or they are offered both in steerhide and horsehide? 2) I see currently that RM is...
  13. Mr.Leong

    My Leather Jacket Collection: McCoys and More

    My current leather jacket Collection: 1) The Real McCoy’s BUCO J-24 2) TOYS McCoy A2 “Heavenly Body” 3) Maison Margiela 5 Zips (France) 4) Neighborhood Strabler (Japan) Show me a photo of your best/ favourite leather jacket and also let me know what you think in the comment below!
  14. LordOfLeather

    Finally Bought an Aero

    I have been collecting leather jackets ever since I bought my first from a market vendor in Florence, Italy, over two decades ago. Despite the excessive number of jackets I've acquired over the years (perhaps not excessive by some FL members' standards), most of which are of high quality, I...
  15. H

    Fine Creek Leather HH 'James' Size 40

    Hi All, For sale is my FCL HH james jacket. It is a size 40 and these run very small (closer to 36-38). I'm selling because unfortunately the jacket is just a bit too tight for me (dang quarantine). The jacket is in fairly good shape. If you know how FCL teacore wears you can see some places...
  16. puiyc1203

    Real Mccoys Buco J-82 J82 & Freewheelers La Brea Labrea

    This is my new leather jacket Real Mccoys Buco J-82, I take the same size 42 with my FW La Brea both of them are very beatiful moto leather jackets I think the cutting of labrea is more bulk, it is around half size larger than j82 Measurements roughly: jackets chest shoulder sleeve length body...
  17. F


    I bought this beautiful SCHOTT PER 41 jacket directly from the NYC store in November and used twice(still squeaks!!!). One of the coolest Schott jacket, looks like a 70 year old jacket without liner rips, zipper issues and bad smell!!! SIZE IS XXL(see pictures for the actual measurements I...
  18. Smallrod

    For Sale - Real McCoy's Buco Horsehide J-57 Size 38

    Black horsehide J-57 cafe racer that has been worn a lot but still in good shape. It has wear and patina but the leather is still supple and comfortable. Zippers, liner and seams are good. No smells or odors. It is pretty short, I am 5'7" and the back hits about the waistband of my jeans...
  19. Dredgen Yor

    Real McCoy’s Buco J-24 size 40 to trade for 42 or Freewheelers San Mateo

    Looking to trade or sell my Real McCoy’s J-24 in size 40 lightly worn for a Size 42 or a Freewheelers San Mateo or centinela in 42, wildcard chance I know. Side note..I guess staying home for 3 months is not ideal for maintaining your current wardrobe as-is. 20.25” P2P 24.5” sleeve 17.75” shoulder

    Brooks, oxidation of the collar buttons, how I can solve?

    Hi everyone, A few hours ago I got a Brooks 500 Gold Label with hinges on the inside wrists and a Steerhide so thick and rich that it looks like a Buco J-100..!! The only problem I have encountered is an excessive oxidation of the collar buttons.. Some of you can be so kind to give me advice...