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  1. N

    New Flame Panda Lace to Toe 102 Last 9 inch Boot Maryam Hand Overdyed Horsebutt 11D to E

    Gorgeous handmade Flame Panda lace to toe pattern boot in his new flat toe profiled 102 last. If you are unfamiliar, Flame Panda's boots match the quality and craftsmanship of Role Club and Clinch, but at much more affordable prices. Very accommodating and comfortable last and with this being...
  2. N

    NWT Addict Japan AD-02 Black Teacore Sheepskin Double Rider sz 42 and 44 both sizes

    This is basically a Lewis Leathers jacket taken to an even higher level. Incredible skilled craftsmanship from stitching to hardware to lining to labels. This jacket is beautiful, both of these just dont look great on me. This gorgeous teacore sheepskin is soft but substantial, and these...
  3. N

    Lucchese Black Cherry Handmade Cowboy Boots 12B

    Bought these off ebay. Unfortunately the seller did not mention they were a B width, so they are too narrow for me. They are absolutely gorgeous and in great condition, intricate shaft stitchwork and an eyecatching color. The leather and soles both are in great. These were made back in the time...
  4. R

    FOR SALE The Real Mccoy's Buco engineer boots Size 8.5D

    Pictures: Look to sell them for $600 shipped in US at the moment (will negotiate the shipping if outside US). They are in great condition for Size 8.5D Black Horsebutt. Other ways to contact me: -IG: Sunnycrusty -Email: dangpewds@gmail.com
  5. T

    Langlitz Leather Columbia Jacket 70s

    Hey guys, I just stumbled upon this beautiful Langlitz Leather Columbia Jacket. Seller said he bought it with his Harley in the 70’s. I’m pretty interested in it but I am not sure about the price he offered is worth it or not. Some insights and opinions on the price and jacket would be...
  6. M

    FS: The Real McCoy's Buco J-24 (BJ21101) size 40 and 42

    Hello All! Previously put up a Delraiser that I decided to keep after giving the infamous J-24 a thorough try. The fit just doesn't work for me. Details for both below: Size 40: Bought off eBay in good, used condition. Received on 12/11/23. Only tried on a few times in the home. Shows...
  7. S

    James Grose Shearling Double Rider - Black Suede - Size 40/fits 38 slim/36 roomy

    Up for sale is this James Grose Shearling Double Rider in black suede - size 40. The sizing on these are notoriously small, so the 40 fits more like a slim 38 or a roomy 36. I only tried this on once at home - tag still attached. Asking $950 shipped OBO. Absolutely insane quality and so...
  8. M

    Will a teacore black Real McCoy's Buco J-24 turn completely brown over time?

    Can someone tell me if a black RMC J-24 will entirely change into brown over time or would it keep its original black color but only show brown in high wear areas?
  9. W

    The Real McCoy's Buco J-100, Horsehide, Teacore Black, Size 44 (fits small)

    The Real McCoy's Buco J-100 Model BJ19110 Size 44 (fits small – see below measurements) Black (030) Vegetable-tanned, tea-core Shinki horsehide leather exterior (pigment-dyed) High-quality 50s Talon sleeve zippers (deadstock) Satin-y lining (rayon) McCoy Square Front Zipper 50s Talon Sleeve...
  10. reaganmullins

    Vintage Steerhide Buco J-24

    I spent some time away from home for the 4th of July weekend and ended up picking up another J-24! This one came from the original owner’s grandson. His grandfather bought the jacket new, wore it many years while riding, and passed it on to his son when the jacket no longer fit. His son was a...
  11. reaganmullins

    Vintage Horsehide Buco J-24

    Hey, everyone! This is my first post here but I’ve been scouring the forum for quite some time. I recently acquired this Buco jacket from the original owner’s daughter and was just curious as to what the current value would be? I want to be sure I paid her fairly. It has the original belt...
  12. semolina_pilchard

    FS: 50s Buco J24 Size 42 w/Plaid Wool Lining and Original Belt

    I am selling my horsehide Buco J24 from the 50s. It has the plaid wool lining and comes with the original Buco belt. It’s a size 42. See the measurements in photos for details. It’s in good condition and the leather is really nice. I bought this last year when I missed out on a Buco J65. Since...
  13. puiyc1203

    Real Mccoy's Buco J-31

    Real McCoy's Buco J-31 Mine is 2022 ver, the cutting is very loose and far different from the old one (slim cutting) I did try on size 42 but the sleeve, chest, waist and wrist are too large for me (especially the waist and wrist) Therefore I go down 1 size to 40, my chest 103cm, shoulder 50cm...
  14. semolina_pilchard

    Buco PJ-27

    I have just purchased an absolute grail of a jacket, so I have to unfortunately let one go. It was a very tough decision, but I am now selling my Buco PJ-27 steerhide jacket. It is in very good condition for its age. I have not yet seen another anywhere near this condition, and the only other...
  15. busterthehuman

    (Looking For) - Buco, John Lofgren Black Engineer boot size 10+

    Howdy! I'd love to see what you have to offer - if any. I am searching for a good pair of black engineer boots second hand. I am not crazy particular about the condition as long as they aren't torn to shreds. Thank you.
  16. M

    Original BUCO Leather Jacket - Information Needed

    My father-in-law recently passed away at 87 years old and left us this beautiful jacket. It was purchased circa 1951-52 I believe. He went into the army for 2 years and came back and it no longer fit him. The first photograph is circa 1952 with him and my mother in law riding near the family...
  17. F

    Aero Leather Ridley jacket size 42

    This is a catch and release from a fedora lounger and Montrealer!!! It is a barely used Aero Ridley in black FQHH. Custom made with a 1/2 inch added to the sleeves and length. I've worn 2 times but it's too tight on me. It’s a beautiful jacket but I actually need a size 44….The jacket isn't...
  18. A

    Real McCoys Buco J-100 (size 44)

    Selling only because I've grabbed a size up. This fits really nicely, but I want to layer in winter with a thick hoody, and this is just a bit tight for that. Probably about 2 months wear, so much life left in this, absolute beauty, looking forward to receiving my size 46...! Bought for...
  19. Bahabp100

    The Grail podcast by Dean Delray

    I haven’t seen this mentioned here on TFL before (although it might have been) - but I want to recommend The Grail podcast . Hosted by Dean Delray , a former Rocker (hard) and Current Stand up comedian and all around great guy and conversationist . On this show he interviews people from the...
  20. P

    Brooks Gold Label Cross-Zip!

    Hi everyone, sale beautiful Brooks Cross-Zip, Gold Label !! in Excellent condition! Shiny Leather, Rich Hide Grain! as shown in the photo! perfect zips original "Talon", lining in excellent condition. I'm honest, I love this jacket too much! and I deprive myself of it just because unfortunately...

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