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    I haven’t seen this mentioned here on TFL before (although it might have been) - but I want to recommend The Grail podcast . Hosted by Dean Delray , a former Rocker (hard) and Current Stand up comedian and all around great guy and conversationist . On this show he interviews people from the Companies that we love. I recently heard Jason Schott , the owners of Standard and Strange and The founder of Jeans Shop New York City, the Horween guy, Brian the bookmaker and he covers leather Jackets , boots , shirts, and some bikes and cars and the occasional watch and sunglasses maker and some others artisans . He talks and knows a lot about the Japanese brands , denim, leather and other things that we talk about here . This show is highly addictive listening and recommend and I’m sure a few people that post here should be on the show themselves like Holly, Thurston, Dena, TM Mitchell, Carlos, And others, Maybe even Shawn 5*. He’s a real cool guy and he knows a lot about our Grail items . Its the first place I heard about Brian the bootmaker when he started his first line from Just doing resoles and repairs . The John Lofgrin interview was quite interesting, I never know that he lived in Japan for 18 years buying and selling vintage clothing and work-ware right when these things got on the USA and Japanese people’s radar. He didn’t start marking boots till he returned to Cali I think he said it was 2010. Also the S and S guys have a very humble beginning making bicycle clothing in the Pacific Northwest USA to where they are today. He said if he chats with the founder of Real Mcoys it would take 10 days straight and that only would only be about the Buco j-100, J-23 and j-24 lol. It’s actually very fascinating and I’m sure many people on TFL will find it very interesting. I’m guessing he himself is probably on TFL. I’ll have to ask him. In the meantime check it out here there’s around 50 episodes and he also has another podcast where he interviews mostly comedians and musicians and some others and that popular podcast has been running for many more years. the JL boots episode dropped today. John mentions several limited editions dropping for XMas only. I recall him mentioning an emerald green services or work boot That Dean preordered right on the show. Healso has another podcast where he interviews comedians and musicians and others and that popular podcast has been running for many years. For JL listen below : after that you can scroll down to see the other guests . It’s really a must listen and most of the makers are really humble people and there stories are so interesting and it puts a face on these makers
    Disclaimer I have no connection to this podcast other than being a super fan and I don’t know Dean other than him answering my questions on Twitter which he always does. If you check it out please comment here and let everyone what you think . Thanks . Steve . I think it is also on YouTube with video.
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    Love this podcast! I heard the Schott one and enjoyed it thoroughly.
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