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  1. leather.be

    Jackets FS Best Offers: Kapital, Oni, Himel, N & F, VTG Bauer, GWG, G-Lab, & More

    Hi all, here are a number of great jackets that I'm parting ways with to save space. Shipping from Canada. Shipping/duties negotiable. OBO on all so don't be shy. I have more photos and can take measurements for you too if you like, assume most of these jackets fit 38-40 ish. I'm 6ft 3 and...
  2. ClaytonMoore

    Bill Kelso Indy Jackets ?

    I'm new to the forum, so here's my first thread, Does anybody have any experience with Bill Kelso's various Indy jackets ? They seem to be priced far lower than any of the other jackets Bill offers. Are they better or worse than Wested Indy jackets ...
  3. V

    FS: Mister Freedom, Fleurs de Bagne, Le Mont St Michel Jackets

    Hi, I am quite new to the forum and have been mainly observing rather than posting, but I want to offer a few jackets for sale in case anybody is interested. I live in Stockholm, Sweden, so shipping is from Europe. Here goes: Mister Freedom Conductor Jacket, Size 40, in stunning Malibu Denim...
  4. Bahabp100

    The Grail podcast by Dean Delray

    I haven’t seen this mentioned here on TFL before (although it might have been) - but I want to recommend The Grail podcast . Hosted by Dean Delray , a former Rocker (hard) and Current Stand up comedian and all around great guy and conversationist . On this show he interviews people from the...
  5. U

    How do jacket makers create their sewing patterns?

    Hello again everyone. For a while now, the idea of making jackets and being able to choose material and such, has been very appealing to me. There is just one problem, and its how im supposed to begin creating my own sewing patterns. The idea is that i am able to customize everything about the...
  6. U

    Pictures of black Aero Highwayman?

    In the future i'm getting an aero, and the one that i feel is the best choice is a highwayman. I typically prefer black jackets, as i wear black boots and dont really like too much wear show, more common in brown shades. Does anyone have any pictures of a black highwayman? Preferably in the...
  7. U

    How Long For A Leather Jacket To Start To Get Soft?

    I bought my Levi's Leather Trucker about half a year ago, And i know that's not long, and it hasn't gotten much softer if even anything. How many years does it take before it starts to soften a bit so it's a little more comfortable?
  8. U

    Why Snap Buttons On Leather Jacket?

    About half a year ago i bought a Levi´s Leather Trucker Jacket and it has snap buttons. And at this point i'm a bit mad because they never stay closed! I don't understand why they didn't have more heavy duty snaps. Is it possible to replace them with more heavy duty snaps, or even replace them...
  9. U

    Glue In My Leather Jacket?

    I noticed that there is glue in addition to the sewing thread inside the collar, and cuffs, basically everywhere where leather meets leather... Is this normal?
  10. U

    What will black leather look like when distressed and worn in?

    I know that brown leather usually turns slightly lighter, but black leather? What color does it change into? Brownish? Greyish?
  11. U

    How long does it take for a Leather Jacket to show patina?

    I just bought my leather jacket, and i wear it every day. How many years does it take fore a jacket to start showing a bit of patina? Its black, if that matters
  12. U

    How long does it take for a Leather Jacket to show patina?

    I just bought my leather jacket, and i wear it every day. How many years does it take fore a jacket to start showing a bit of patina?
  13. rustles

    A2 flight jacket Leather patch help

    Hey everyone I do appreciate everyone's advice regarding jacket designs for my A2 jacket. I did finalize one design i'm gonna go with and I really would appreciate your help with this. I found out my grandfather was in the 1st weather reconnaissance squadron during WW2 and I looked up if they...
  14. B

    Like new 1960's Champion Racing Denim Jacket. Size Large

    $200. I've got a rare 1960s-1970s Champion Racing Jacket. This jacket is lightweight and perfect for hot or cold weather. Super clean and in perfect condition. Perfect for you racing lovers. Size is Large. I wear a 40r in shirts and jackets but this fits me well, still room if you were putting...

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