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real mccoy

  1. D

    Buco J24 BRAND NEW for sale for $1799+ shipping or OBO

    Buco J24 brand new size 42 for sale for $1799+ shipping or OBO Price retail today is usd 2600, I bought it last year for $2550. It stayed in my old house while I left town during covid; now that I am back i want to sell it as it’s not something that I will be wearing and hope it gets to someone...
  2. F

    Buzz Rickson Chino size 34-36

    Selling my pair of Buzz Rickson Chino. They are marked as a 33 but run a bit bigger, more like a 34/35 (or a slim 36). They have been worn and washed a few times. Asking $125 shipped F&F CONUS or add fee. International buyer please PM to discuss. Measurements in inches 36 waist 21 seat (6” down...
  3. F

    FS - Black Sign 30s sports jacket herringbone/leather jacket size 44

    Hey FL, Selling this cool black herringbone 30s sport jacket by Black Sign, size 44. Has leather trims and elbow patch (believe it’s horsehide). I’ve worn this jacket a few times over the last couple years but jacket is still in excellent shape. Asking $400 shipped CONUS (retail $900). Will...
  4. Acchimp

    Real McCoy Harley repro re-dye with Saphir

    Hello, I’ve got a Real McCoy horsehide jacket I bought second hand and further beat to all hell. I’m thinking of applying some mustang paste to dry before using Saphir Medaille D’or to make it shine. I’m open to opinions on not doing it all or product replacement, just hoping for some guidance...
  5. E

    Real McCoy J-24 vs Vanson C2

    Hi all, new poster here. Looking at getting my first truly quality jacket. Have a few Vanson’s which I absolutely love, but looking at a Real McCoy J-24. I don’t have access to any of the high-end brands in person, so wondering what are the main differences I’ll notice between them? What made...
  6. D

    Real mccoy's X Harley Davidson

    I think I'm in love with this jacket, what do you think about the fit guys?
  7. K

    Massive Leather Jackets Collection for SALE!!! (Price Drop)

    I have too many jackets in my closets in the collection right now. Time for someone else to enjoy them and get the wear they deserve. Full Pictures: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1KbQREQ5OviDnICVNLpcDPD_cr5wYWexz?usp=sharing 1. (Brand New) Real McCoy's Sport 30s Jacket Cooper SIZE40...
  8. K

    FS/Trade The Real McCoy's Mobster

    The Real McCoy's (Joe McCoy) Mobster SIZE40 Japanese Vegtan Shinki Horsehide. Great Jacket!! Near MINT condition worn minimum times, come with original tag. This guy retailed for $2350 not include import tax and shipping. No visible damage to the leather and the lining. Great BIG BIG BACK PANNEL...
  9. A

    Real McCoys Buco J-100 (size 44)

    Selling only because I've grabbed a size up. This fits really nicely, but I want to layer in winter with a thick hoody, and this is just a bit tight for that. Probably about 2 months wear, so much life left in this, absolute beauty, looking forward to receiving my size 46...! Bought for...
  10. Bahabp100

    The Grail podcast by Dean Delray

    I haven’t seen this mentioned here on TFL before (although it might have been) - but I want to recommend The Grail podcast . Hosted by Dean Delray , a former Rocker (hard) and Current Stand up comedian and all around great guy and conversationist . On this show he interviews people from the...
  11. A

    Chambray Shirt Sale! Real McCoys, Rite Stuff, Cabourn (L-XL)

    Ok folks, time to sell some shirts! I used to be all about chambray, but I've changed my style and no longer really reach for the chambray, so on they move. First up, two of the absolute classic Real McCoys chambrays. First, the 'USN' shirt, without the 'USN' stencil. Quite nicely worn in...
  12. Mr.Leong

    My Leather Jacket Collection: McCoys and More

    My current leather jacket Collection: 1) The Real McCoy’s BUCO J-24 2) TOYS McCoy A2 “Heavenly Body” 3) Maison Margiela 5 Zips (France) 4) Neighborhood Strabler (Japan) Show me a photo of your best/ favourite leather jacket and also let me know what you think in the comment below!
  13. K

    WTS/Trade Vintage Real McCoy Type D-1 Jacket

    Selling a rare Real McCoy's Type D-1 Jacket. The jacket is still in great condition. The tag said that it's size Medium if you ask me it fit like around size 40 to 42. Across shoulders 47cm Pit to pit 55cm Back length 64cm Arm length 64cm Feel free to shoot me DM I also accept trade with...
  14. H

    Fine Creek Leather HH 'James' Size 40

    Hi All, For sale is my FCL HH james jacket. It is a size 40 and these run very small (closer to 36-38). I'm selling because unfortunately the jacket is just a bit too tight for me (dang quarantine). The jacket is in fairly good shape. If you know how FCL teacore wears you can see some places...
  15. puiyc1203

    Real Mccoys Buco J-82 J82 & Freewheelers La Brea Labrea

    This is my new leather jacket Real Mccoys Buco J-82, I take the same size 42 with my FW La Brea both of them are very beatiful moto leather jackets I think the cutting of labrea is more bulk, it is around half size larger than j82 Measurements roughly: jackets chest shoulder sleeve length body...
  16. H

    Real McCoy’s JH-1 $1700; SZ 40

    Lightly Used Teacore Buco Jacket. Minor imperfections and wear. This jacket shoes the tea core through extremely quickly. Standard and Strange description below. This is a size 40 Label but measurements are closer to a 42. Text 1-785-443-3736 Dating back to 1933, the "Joseph Buegeleisen Co." in...
  17. thedennissystem

    FS - Vintage The Flat Head Padded Moto Jacket sz 40

    For sale is this insane vintage padded leather jacket by The Flat Head in the style of a Langlitz Leathers Padded Columbia jacket. Zero wear, but as this jacket is over 5 years old there are spots where the leather is fading slightly. Includes fur mouton collar add-on. Short, rider inspired fit...
  18. puiyc1203

    FS: Real Mccoy Buco J-100 size 42

    Real Mccoy Buco J-100 j100 size 42, cafe racer shinki horsehide, tea core, very shinny and beautiful, I have talked a few in my review, please feel free to read if interested I received on mid Oct for $1885, never wore outdoor, no smell. As I have tried for a few times, very little crease on...
  19. clarky

    WTB: The Real McCoy J-24 (Size 44 or 46) or J-24L (Size 44)

    Hello Everyone! I'm looking for the Real McCoy J-24 or J-24L in size 44 or 46! Thank you!
  20. A

    Real McCoys N-1 Deck Jacket (blue, sz. 44)

    This is the unstencilled navy blue version of The Real McCoys N-1 deck jacket: alpaca fur-lined throughout, 100% grosgrain cotton shell outer. Freshly dry-cleaned for the new owner. Goes new for $750USD, looking for $500. Size 44: Chest: 47 (but the fur takes about 2 inches room, so for...