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Hello all, I'm clearing out my closet of a lot of Filson items I outshrunk. I've listed them on ebay but am willing to end any of these auctions early (by Nov 28th-29th) for members here with a reasonable offer. I'll ship anywhere but please consider shipping costs if you make an offer.

Here's the Filson items I'm listing on ebay with the descriptions linked to the auction:

Filson Men’s XL Shelter-Cloth Packer Coat in Alaska Fit - Excellent condition Filson Shelter Cloth Packer coat. Filson doesn’t have the green Shelter Cloth Packer Coat in their current line-up unfortunately but their tin cloth doesn't seem as stiff as it used to be so maybe the shelter cloth didn't offer a more comfortable alternative anymore. This is a very comfortable coat in the mid-weight Shelter Cloth and provides excellent protection from wind and rain.

Filson Men’s XL Wool Jacket Liner in Charcoal Mackinaw Wool -
Excellent condition Filson Wool Jacket Liner coat in Charcoal Mackinaw Wool in a Men’s Extra-Large size. Filson doesn’t have the charcoal colored jacket liner in their current line-up. This jacket is excellent when zipped into compatible Filson Jacket’s or even worn on its own.

Filson Men’s XL Moleskin Jacket Liner in Brown Moleskin - Excellent condition Filson Jacket Liner coat in brown Moleskin in a Men’s Extra-Large size. Filson doesn’t offer the liner jackets in Moleskin in their current line-up. This is a shame because the Moleskin liner is a comfortable jacket that looks great on its own or zipped into a compatible Filson jacket.

Filson Men’s Size 46 Jac-Shirt in Navy -
Excellent condition Filson Jac-Shirt in Men’s size 46. I may have worn this shirt once or twice before losing weight and putting it in storage.

Filson Men’s Size XXL Moleskin Shirt in Navy Alaska Fit - Well-Used condition Filson Moleskin shirt in Men’s size XXL Alaska Fit. This shirt has been worn a lot and is showing its age around the seams. Filson's moleskin shirts are super comfortable and I suggest you buy one for yourself even if you don't get this one. I wore this shirt a lot. Please look at the pictures closely if you're interested.

Filson is kind of a known quantity around these parts so I haven't included pictures or measurements. Please PM me if you have any questions or would like any additional information. I'll refund shipping to US-based TFL members if you mention TFL when you pay.


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Denver, CO
Here's some other Filson I'm selling on ebay.

Filson Brand New with Tags Limited Edition Heavy Tin Medium Duffel - Moss - This is a limited edition Heavy-Tin version of Filson's medium duffel bag. This is a nice version of the duffel with bridle leather straps and padded shoulder strap. This was discontinued August 31, 2014 and is no longer available. I'm starting bidding at the high price of $395, or Filson's current retail for their standard rugged twill duffel. If you are American and think this is expensive, don't look at Swiss pricing without sitting down.


Filson Brand New with Tags Limited Edition Heavy Tin Large Duffel - Moss - This is the large version of the duffel above.

FILSON BLUE PADDED COMPUTER BAG - BRAND NEW WITH TAGS - SECOND - This is a factory second padded computer bag from Filson. I think my wife got it for $199 (20% off the $249 tagged price) and I'm starting bidding at $149. I'm not sure why it's a second but the Filson label on the interior of the top flap has an "X" through it.

I'll refund shipping to US-based TFL members if you mention TFL when you pay.

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