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Fit check: Aero Highwayman 36


One Too Many
Yes the bottom sweep measurement is actually pretty key on many of their models with an aggressive taper but they didn’t disclose it to me when I asked for a Grizzly. Guess what… turned out to be too tight at the bottom and I had to move it on.


Call Me a Cab
For me Aero is the opposite of Vanson in this perspective.

Vanson does not give out measurements. They say the measurement charts are for internal use only. When I asked about the hem of a particular jacket, they went and measured one on the factory floor.

The only company I know of that gives out a full spec sheet is Schott.

Maybe it's related to keeping measurements a secret to prevent from copying.

Lol well if that's the reason, I can't blame them given their history…

Cyber Lip

Practically Family
I agree, probably a little tight, even though it looks fine. Lots of people on the forum will go for the super trim, T-shirt only jacket fit, but I've learned it's always better to be a little too big than small. If discomfort will discourage you from wearing a particular jacket, go with another size.

Anyway, "fashion trends" change, and it's no longer necessary to wear super trim, short jackets, as much as some other people might tell you.
uh oh, those are fighting words around here lol. I'm not sure it's 'a lot of people' here as much as it is a couple very annoyingly persistent guys that will try and convince everyone that 'super-trim and short' is the ONLY way to wear a jacket. Especially one guy in particular who I won't name, but it's the guy that's apparently very taken with himself, as evidenced by the fact that he enjoys posting many many pics of himself in his little jackets under the guise of providing 'evidence' that his opinion on how your jacket is supposed to fit is the correct one, when all the pics really show is that he's just two cheesecake desserts away from having to get rid of his entire jacket collection LOL. Surprised he hasn't photo bombed this thread yet actually

The Don

New in Town
I think I agree it is a little tight on chest area, which I think is the cause for the creases I highlighted... Looks like the sleeve seams are being pulled too (circled area). Maybe you'd benefit from a larger pit to pit

View attachment 527334
(Perhaps a bit late, but..)
Is that from tightness across the chest or from the width of the shoulders?

I have wide shoulders for my height, somewhat of a short trapezoid shape. (5’7”, 40” chest, with a 20” shoulder separation and 35” waist) Unfortunately it makes finding jackets and long sleeve shirts that truly fit near impossible. Either they’re just way too big, but fit across the shoulders, or they’re tight across the deltoids, and get this kind of creasing, when they’re closer to proper length and waist measurements.

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