Fox Creek Leather motorcycle jacket size 44

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by Jonacki, Nov 26, 2021.

  1. Jonacki

    Jonacki New in Town

    Hi all,
    Huge fan of this community and thought I would try sharing some info concerning some jackets I am selling. Apologies for any technical issues with this thread (although I have read many a thread on this community, I am new to creating them). I have a Fox Creek Leather jacket in size 44 listed on EBay, which can be reached using this link:
    Please don’t hesitate to share any questions. All the best to everyone!
  2. photo2u

    photo2u Practically Family

    claremont california
    Hi, Nice jacket there. I always like the brand specially their vest. When listing I always try to show the basic measurements of pit to pit, back of the shoulders and sleeves. If it is possible it is helpful to also show other measurements like front and back length and around the waist. Good luck with your auction!
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  3. Jonacki

    Jonacki New in Town

    Thanks Photo2u, I appreciate your note and your guidance on posting measurements! There are some terrific threads concerning how to measure, and I will give it a shot. With that said, please allow this to confirm the Fox Creek jacket has sold. I have a Gibson & Barnes motorcycle jacket for sale, which is tagged as a 46, but fits in the waist like the Fox Creek 44, and I will get the measurements included in that listing as they will be helpful to anyone considering that jacket.

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