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Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by NYDRH, Sep 13, 2021.

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    In the spirit of paying things forward, I wanted to offer this up to someone who could make good use of it maybe someone on the younger side whose looking for an addition to a beginning wardrobe. This was my first leather jacket out of undergrad and it served me well for many years, my go to for everything in my twenties when i was grateful to have a leather jacket of any kind as i still am. I've hung on to it for sentimental reasons for a long time but i need to make room in the closet/moving and i think it's time to pass it along. Marked a 36, it's basically a small. I've taken good care of the leather, it's in good condition and there are no odors or major issues with it. Just shoot me a message.

    All i ask is you cover the cost of shipping from NYC to wherever you are. I generally ship USPS priority. Should be $15-20 CONUS

    Measurements are in the pics. Leather is in good condition, it's much more a fashion leather. It's got a lightly padded interior. There's one minor flaw (tiny tear) near top of the interior pocket from me reaching in and out for my wallet. If you have any sewing skillz should probably be fixed in 2min.

    When you're finished with it, pass along to someone else in similar fashion or please donate it to a worthy charity.


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    Great gesture!
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    Fountain City, WI
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    Another act of kindness on this forum - way to go!
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    Bump before goodwill

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