FS: 7 3/8 Resistol Beaver One Hundred OR Clone - 60's / 70's

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  1. J Williams

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    Vancouver, BC, Canada
    Another hat to be moved along

    What I believe to be a late 60's early 70's Resistol OR clone 'Beaver One Hundred'

    5 1/2 open crown 2 3/4 bound brim - The colour is a light silverbelly that seems to lean towards a greenish hue ( could be my eyes ) But it's definitely different from my 60's 7XCB ( which almost seems kind of purple ) and way lighter than my 50's OR's

    The felt is really dense and has a very soft velvety hand to it ( a bit more than my 7X )
    Takes and holds a dry crease well - The brim is pretty stiff and doesn't want to snap down

    has a couple little spots on the underside of the brim and has a bit of a lighter coloration around the bottom of the crown which is hard to photograph. Someone stapled on a little leather patch to cover up the previous owners name 'James A Puckett'

    Willing to entertain any reasonable offers or trade for something else in a 7 3/8

    Asking $200.00 USD + Shipping ( Since it's shipping from Canada I will have to quote it based on destination )

    download.png IMG_2247.JPEG IMG_2249.JPEG IMG_2250.JPEG IMG_2251.JPEG IMG_2252.JPEG IMG_2253.JPEG IMG_2254.JPEG IMG_2255.JPEG IMG_2256.JPEG
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