FS: A-2 Seal Brown Horsehide Leather Flying Jacket Size 50

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    Having lost some weight I'm looking to re-home my seal brown horsehide A-2 leather jacket, size 50 inch chest (pit-to-pit 27" on front) from Flightjacket.com.

    It was what they call a 'custom' order, which essentially meant paying extra for the larger than standard size, an inside pocket on the left and (get ready to howl) the rather heretical hand warmer pockets (I know, I know, but I wanted the pockets for practical purposes!).

    The jacket has had a decent amount of wear but not excessive and is in generally excellent condition. One or two minor issues are three slight marks on the front chest (one on left, two on the right) where it got jammed between an office chair and a desk. There is also some fraying in the wool knits at the waist on the inside left side, where I must have snagged it at some point. Please see photos below.

    I'm fully aware these aren't the most historically accurate of the current offerings and, of course, I've made it into a more civilian jacket with the extra pockets, but it's a great jacket, perfect for a larger chap looking for a seemingly indestructible, very well made, jacket at a (hopefully!) decent price. I'm only letting it go as it's a bit big for me now.

    According to the manufacturer's website a new equivalent would cost $683 (£443), so I'm asking £220 for UK buyers (including P&P), and £250 outside of the UK (including P&P). I appreciate with the current $ to £ exchange rate that might seem a bit steep for US Loungers, but I think it will cost quite a bit to send trackable post. Payment by PayPal only. All reasonable offers are welcome and feel free to PM me with any questions.

    IMG_1628.jpg IMG_1644.jpg jacket1.jpg jacket2.jpg

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