FS Grey Borsalino size 6 1/2 or 7 1/2 US

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    Verona - Italia
    Borsalino Qualità Superiore in thin felt, very malleable. Size is 6 1/2 US 7 1/2
    Uranio Borsa 7.jpg
    Short brim hat sold in Europe. The elegant Delion (also a brand of luxurious hats) shop in Paris
    Uranio Borsa 2.jpg
    The hat has forty years and very little used, if it was used. The felt as the interior are perfect
    Uranio Borsa 1.jpg
    It came with a lot of "flooded" Borsalino so the paper laleb is stuck under the sweatband and it is impossible to read the color. My opinion it is Uranio, but I could be wrong
    Uranio Borsa 4.jpg
    The dimensions are as follows: brim over seamed at 4 cm. bashed crown at 11 cm and the contrasting ribbon is 4 cm.
    Uranio Borsa 6.jpg
    The asking price is 50 euros or $ 60
    Ask for the cost of shipping and for any other details or pictures of this beautiful Borsalino
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