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    Trying to get rid of as many jackets as possible and just stick to tree tops. Yeah, again.

    Levi's model 71168 blanket lined classic four pocket trucker / jean / type-3 jacket in a size Medium. Somewhat vintage-y.

    Blanket lined body, quilted insulated rayon lined sleeves. Five pockets - Standard four pocket setup front, one inside pocket. Corduroy lined collar. Very heavy! If I am to guess, I'd say it's close to 5lbs.

    The jacket is surprisingly warm and perfectly wearable even in the winter. The blanket lining is thick and so is the backed quilting in the sleeves. Every bit as warm as the sherpa version.

    To be perfectly honest, I prefer this Type-3 to any of my Iron Heart jackets. There. I said it. It's equally well made, stitched, etc., it's warmer, more practical and comfortable and seems just as sturdy. IH fits better but that's about it.
    ...all of which is exactly the reason I'm selling it.
    I've been reaching for this jacket a lot more often than for any other and that's making me deeply depressed. I'm wearing this Levi's I bought for a pocket change while having several hundred dollars worth of denim just hanging in the wardrobe, collecting dust. Sad and dumb.

    But yeah, this jacket is the closest I've seen Levi's to making a piece of true work wear.

    I wore this jacket for a while but it honestly isn't showing any signs of use. I don't think it looked any better when brand new. I've checked it thoroughly, not a single thread out of place. Perfectly clean all around.

    Tagged M (Medium). Though roomier in cut, this isn't one of those nonsense oversized jackets. The exact measurements are...
    • Chest width / P2P: 60 cm / 23.5"
    • Waist width: 50 cm / 19.5"
    • Shoulders width (measured at the back): 49 cm / 19.5"
    • Sleeve length: 62 cm / 24.5"
    • Back length (without collar): 62 cm / 24.5"

    That's that, I suppose. Looking to get 40 GBP. They're usually listed at around $100 or more on eBay, though you could maybe find an even better deal than this, I suppose. Regardless, this jacket is worth 40 quid. I can guarantee you this much.

    If you have ANY question whatsoever, don't hesitate a moment to ask. I'll send you any additional measurements and photos that you want.


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