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FS or Trade: Aero Type 3 Trucker Battered Steerhide Size 38

Craig from Craigslist

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This is a bit of a heartbreaker but I'd like to pass this jacket on. It's a beautiful Type III made from Aero's battered steerhide that I've been using as a go-to piece for the Spring and Fall I've owned it.

I bought the jacket on this forum and I highly encourage checking out the original posting mostly because the photos there are much more representative of how this looks in natural light. My photos are here to prove I actually own it and that the condition is still excellent, maybe just a tad more grain. The hide is varied slightly in color across the jacket with some wonderful pops of grain and has a very small pull-up effect. This is all complemented by the tan/gold stitching and olive sateen lining. The campfire label is also Aero's best imo.

I'm selling because the fit just isn't working out for me which has been hard to admit given how great I think it looks on a hanger. The sleeves are a tad long and this problem is magnified by the larger-than-usual shoulders for a size 38. Most likely because of the shoulders or possibly just because it's an Aero, I also experience some Aero Neck when wearing this on long walks. Hoping to sell for $650 OBO shipped in the CONUS. I'm open to trades for other Type 3/Trucker jackets of any vintage as long as it's a similar quality, color (any shade of brown), and size(38, sometimes 40) and would be particularly interested in a Vanson Cheyenne. If you're not in the US but interested in purchasing, pm me and we'll try to work something out.

Pit to pit: 20.2"
Shoulder: 18.25"
Sleeve: 25.2 (around natural curve of sleeve)
Back length (from collar seam to hem): 25"
Hem width: 18.5"


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Craig from Craigslist

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Edit: The original post states 18.75" for the shoulders, but based on the attached photos, I'm going to say the shoulders are about 18.25". Open to taking more measurements/photos upon request.


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