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FS: RARE 42 Real McCoy x Harley Davidson Horsehide Repro Cycle Champ MC Jacket


A-List Customer
This is an exceedingly rare Real Mccoy Harley Davidson Collab horsehide jacket, a reproduction of vintage Harley Davidson Cycle Champ Jacket by Real Mccoy, produced in around late 1990s or early 2000s. It was for sale only in Japanese market back then. And, size 42 is very hard to come by. Actually this is the only one I've seen in all the years and on spotting it bought it from Japan immediately with the hope that It would fit me. Sadly it's too snug for me, therefore put up for sale here.

Black horsehide, blackened oxidized vintage US made Talon zippers. The original fur and belt is missing. the current fur and belt was made by a leather craftsman. besides slight wear around cuff, bottom, etc... It's in very good condition.

Label size 42
Detailed measurement:
shoulder seam to shoulder seam 49m/19.25inch
chest between armpit to armpit 59cm/23.25inch
sleeve length from shoulder seam straight down to cuff 66cm/26inch
back length from neck seam to hem 64.5cm/25.25nch
hem width with the jacket zipped up 51cm/20inch

Price: 650 USD including Air mail shipping to North America and most European countries
Paypal FF prefered, 4.5% extra for a Paypal invoice.
Ships from Taiwan.


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