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FS: Schott 141 Cafe Racer 40 with inner liner


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Hey everyone, I bought this jacket from this forum last year, but it simply does not fit into my wardrobe. It's a Schott 141 in size 40, but has fit me just fine all the way from 155lbs lean muscle to 187lbs lean muscle (quarantine was great for working out) and I'm 5'11. The inner liner is really warm during the winter and doesn't really add any bulk when worn. I did use it a few times on a motorcycle during the winter and it was perfect. Didn't let any air through, and didn't restrict motion in my shoulders like I was worried thanks to the design at the armpits. I got a tonne of compliments the few times I wore it, but it just doesn't suit my own self image/wardrobe. It has no scuffs, no tears and all the zips and buttons work great. F&F PayPal and it's yours for 280 shipped.
Armpit to armpit: 22.5inches at the seams
Shoulders: 19"
Front length: 26"
Sleeve length: 23.5" from the shoulder, 30 from the collar.


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Nice jacket GLWS. But what I’m really interested is the 30+ lean muscle gain ??? How’re that come about ?
I'd say it's closer to 22-25lbs of lean muscle. I used to lift weights and was around 185lbs, but with too much fat. I bounced around for a while and didn't take my fitness seriously, probably lost a little muscle back then. I shredded down to 154lbs at around 10% bodyfat at the start of quarantine, and then started to box, which includes a lot of high intensity cardio, plus resistance training hitting the heavy bags, push-ups, pull-ups, burpees, lunges a day. I essentially replaced weights with just pure boxing for strength and conditioning. I also ate at a slight 300cals surplus for a full year and the muscle just came right back and I hit 185lbs again but I'm much leaner with visible abs. I'd say I'm around 15% bodyfat at the moment, but the majority of the weight was just muscle memory(pretty sure I'm misusing the term, what I mean is that it's much easier to gain muscle you already had), and areas I didn't focus on enough in the past, like abdominal muscles, and legs. My core thanks to boxing ab work is much thicker and stronger, as are my legs despite not squatting or deadlifting for over a year. Great way to exercise.

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