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  1. C

    ISO Cafe jacket 48L

    Does anyone have a brown, reddish or black (that will patina) Cafe jacket in a US 48 long if possible? Inbox me with price pics and detail.
  2. S

    Schott Cafe Racer 641xx 60s repro - Size 34 fits 36 (19" P2P)

    Up for sale is my Japanese Schott 641xx "60s reprint" cafe racer. This is an awesome Japan-market repro of a 60s Schott cafe racer. Asking $550 shipped OBO The leather on this model is of fantastic quality and feels a step above mainline US Schott's. Beautiful even grain and an excellent...
  3. N

    NWT Butterscotch LB x Golden Bear Anderson 2.0 sz 40 Cafe Racer in Cherry Wine Veg Tan

    New With Tags incredibly rare and limited Anderson 2.0 Cafe Racer designed by Butterscotch LB and Golden Bear. They made two short runs of this jacket that sold out both times, and I have never seen one for resale. Made in USA. This is one of the most beautiful jackets I have ever seen, and...
  4. TonySimprano

    FS: Schott 141 Cafe Racer 40 with inner liner

    Hey everyone, I bought this jacket from this forum last year, but it simply does not fit into my wardrobe. It's a Schott 141 in size 40, but has fit me just fine all the way from 155lbs lean muscle to 187lbs lean muscle (quarantine was great for working out) and I'm 5'11. The inner liner is...
  5. Powerband

    Thedi Cafe Racer, Medium

    Solid leather jacket with the typical solid Thedi build. In great condition and still has plenty of breaking-in to do! Leather, liner and zippers are in great shape. Typical, superficial handling marks on the leather, no deep scratches and will age beautifully in years to come. Double robust...
  6. Geekrobot

    FS: Lewis Leathers Sportsman Cafe Racer Leather Jacket Blue with Yellow Stripes- sz 36

    Lewis Leathers Sportsman Blue and Yellow Striped Size: US XS / EU 42 / 0 Color: Blue Condition: Gently used $750 OBO Hello, Up for sale is my Lewis Leathers Aviakit Sportsmans leather motorcycle jacket. This is a center-zip symmetrical single riders jacket in a beautiful blue cowhide, with a...
  7. Twism_23

    Aero Leather Cafe Racer 44 Steer Hide

    Great Aero Cafe Racer jacket bought from Thurston Bros. Great jacket for riding and wearing. Another one That’s too big now that I lost weight. O.D. Stitching throughout. Lochcarron Tartan lining. Pit-pit = 24” Shoulders = 20” Waist = 21.2” Sleeve = 26.5” Back = 26.8” Love this jacket...
  8. deepestbluest

    Vanson Portland Cafe Jacket, Size Medium

    A beautiful, barely used Vanson Portland jacket, size M. This jacket is in fantastic shape, the only signs of wear are tiny signs of training on the arms. The leather is extremely high quality and much softer than any other Vanson I've owned (E-150). It feels luxurious and thick yet doesn't...
  9. Powerband

    Iron Heart Cafe: $695 !!!

    I bought this several months ago straight from Iron Heart. Major price drop on an Iron Heart Cafe leather jacket that’s practically new!!! I’ve lost my mind and will likely throw up for selling this. I may talk a big game by using the word “beater” in the company of this jacket, but that’s...
  10. I

    Schott 654 - XL - Brown

    Lovely Schott 654 size XL in brown. Outstanding jacket, but am looking for something more suited to riding the motorcycle. Excellent condition, still have the (detached) tags! For fit reference, my chest size is 43.5-44", I wear a size 44 Schott 141 and size 46 Vanson Model B. $350 shipped...
  11. A

    Taubers of California Cafe Racer 40

    Hi everyone, I have a Taubers café racer jacket for sale. Picked it up a few months ago but recently decided to trim down my jackets. This Taubers is in great condition with no holes or stitches anywhere. The grain is starting to show on the back (which I believe is cowhide since there is no...
  12. R

    Taylor Stitch Moto Jacket and Schott 141 Long For Sale

    Hi, I'm selling two jackets on Grailed that I'm just not wearing enough. A Taylor Stitch Moto Jacket in Whiskey Steerhide and a Black Schott 141 size 42 Long. More pictures on Grailed. Used Taylor Stitch Moto Jacket. Whiskey Leather Jacket, large. Collaboration with Golden Bear. Bought used...
  13. H

    2018: Best Cafe Racer

    In year 2018, which company makes the best cafe racer jacket in your opinion? Thank you for your insight.
  14. DarkKnight

    2 Aero Jackets For Sale (Board Racer and Premiere Highwayman)

    Hey all, I'm selling two of my Aero jackets for funds and because they no longer fit me. I'm including the links to the eBay posting which has all details, but I'll also copy that info and a couple of the photos here. Feel free to ask questions! Premiere Highwayman Board Racer
  15. Phillips88

    On the search for a new leather jacket!! Help!

    Hey guys I’m in need of some advice. I’m in the market for another cafe racer jacket. I don’t mind at all the be patient with this one. As long as it takes to get the right one no matter the wait or price. Iv got several leather jackets but with this one, I want it to be absolutely perfect! No...
  16. StrykerMontana

    Any experts care to help a novice identify a cool older jacket?

    Hello there! I'm Nick from Montana. I want to start off by saying thanks to the people of this forum for helping me select the right jacket for my motorcycle. I ended up with a Black Horse jacket that works great on my bike and will take a hit if ever needed while skidding down the highway at...

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