Taubers of California Cafe Racer 40

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by arlingtonbeech25, Jan 15, 2020.

  1. arlingtonbeech25

    arlingtonbeech25 New in Town

    [​IMG] Hi everyone, I have a Taubers café racer jacket for sale. Picked it up a few months ago but recently decided to trim down my jackets.

    This Taubers is in great condition with no holes or stitches anywhere. The grain is starting to show on the back (which I believe is cowhide since there is no horsehide label, but the leather has a shine to it). Not a Taubers expert, so if you have information please chime in. Talon zippers on the chest, sleeves, and front. Shoulder gussets on the back.

    Armpit to armpit - 21 and 1/42.
    Shoulder (seam to seam, front) - 18.53.
    Sleeve (seam to cuff straight down, not along the curve) - 23 and 3/44. Back length (bottom of collar to hem) - 25 and 1/45.
    Hem width - 19.56.
    Width 8 inches above hem - 19 and 1/4

    Asking $300 or best offer. Currently on auction on eBay, link here. Photo gallery here.
  2. Will Zach

    Will Zach Practically Family

    Northeast USA
    You bought it from me. Great jacket, near mint. I would have kept it if it fit better in chest. GLWS.
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  3. Keith Garrison

    Keith Garrison New in Town

    I messaged you on EBay about the label pics. Glad to see you are on this forum! I’m typically a 42, so I am wary about sizing down, especially in a vintage jacket. Otherwise, it is a great looking jacket!

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  4. arlingtonbeech25

    arlingtonbeech25 New in Town

    Sold! Thanks everyone for your interest.

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