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G-1 Jacket without a Fur Collar


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lake balboa
How do the ACTUAL jacket measurements compare to those estimated measurement supplied by Legendary?

i think generally you have to take all online measurements with a grain of salt. they're just references and a lot of the knowledge sadly comes from you yourself buying these jackets and getting a feel for what your size is.

that said, the most important measurement IMO is the armpit to armpit, which doubled is the full inch count size of the jacket. usually, and i say usually...these days, most jacket makers will add 5" to the the size, and that gives you the full circumference, and also the armpit to armpit. so if a jacket armpit to armpit is 25", the full size of the jacket (front and rear) add up to 50" all around. which is pretty much my size of 46. my chest is 43" to 44", so i pretty much need a 50" jacket to give me enough room for the jacket size i like, which is slightly loose. the size that goes along with a 50" jacket is usually size 46 (this has no correlation to older jackets and especially to various brands of jacket in the past, where a size 46 might more normally be 46" to 48" all around with 23" armpit to armpit.

a firmer more 'proper' military fit might be a size 44 for me, which would be about 48" around. that's a bit small for my tastes.

anyway, what i'm getting at here is that the closest you may get to finding out what size you take in any of these jackets is to call the maker and ask for the armpit to armpit of a particular size. then you'll be able to tell if that is similar to the jackets you own and like.

for me i can wear jackets from 25" armpit to armpit to 26" or even 27" armpit to armpit if i don't mind it loose, OR if a specific jacket has insulation which will take up some of that extra space. it also matters whether the jacket is goatskin with no insulation, or cowhide, which is thicker and thus eats up more space of the inch count.

so, i'm saying, there's no sure thing. it's all kind of squiggly. BUT, that said, for THiS particular Forrestal jacket, both legendary and cockpitusa had the same size measurement scale, showing a size 46 was 25" armpit to armpit, or about 50" all around. this is on the small end for me but for this jacket i wanted a better fit than looser so that was ok. HOWever, when i got the jacket it was really perfect because there's no insulation AND the leather is goat, which is thin and light (but very tough and durable in this particular jacket). had this been a cowhide jacket it would have been a bit tighter at 50" around, which still would have worked.

so for all of these you need to know your own sizing, and jackets you own that you like, and then use that as a guide for what you buy. but also know how whatever brand you are buying sizes its own jackets. AND call them to measure a jacket size for you if there's any doubt...they're great about this. cockpit/legendary's sizing scale on this particular jacket was about as right on as you can get with this stuff.

so you see, and most people here will agree i'd bet, it's all a crap shoot, like everything else in life. but you can make it work if you have some knowledge to work with.

once you get the armpit to armpit down, you can graduate to the length and shoulders, which for me have always worked as long as the armpit to armpit was on the money.

hope that helps, and wasn't way more detailed then you wanted. like many here, i've wasted tons of money on these jackets so have decades of knowledge about these brands and sizing, so am just trying to give you a taste of it as it's a drag having to send a jacket back for another size. of course you have to keep all tags on the jacket, no signs of wear, no cat hair, packaging in perfect shape, and wait another few weeks to get a replacement. so whatever you can do to get the correct size straight out is worth doing.


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lake balboa
How do the ACTUAL jacket measurements compare to those estimated measurement supplied by Legendary?

as i mentioned above, i'm not really concerned with anything but the armpit to armpit so i don't recall what their posted fit measurements were for the other dimensions, you can go over to legendary or cockpit and check it out....but the armpit to armpit looks to be right on the money for my size 46, a 25" armpit to armpit.

off the top of my head the length might have been 26" and shoulders 20", but you'll have to check.

but going by their armpit measurement, i'd say it's darn accurate.

best of luck.


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Ive owned a few Cockpit jackets in my time, incl that unpatched Forrestal version.
Its exactly the same jacket as their 100 Missions G-1 (actually based off a W&G M-422a).... but without the fur collar (obviously). Owned both.

I liked the jacket, its well-made, neat & tidy, comfortable and pretty robust.
As with all Cockpit jackets, I found the body a bit short (this is a Cockpit 'thing', generally speaking... I had correspondence with them years back about why this is).

Personally I preferred the 100 Missions G-1, just looked cool with the bleached collar.
These jackets are certainly not stitch-for-stich accurate, but damn fine repros, but I hate that the front panels and the leather waistband zip box is one panel... I mean... WHY! Should be two separate pieces... (Heros jacket is not like this and is another great jacket, I wish they made without patches)...
Btw all bought mine from Legendary USA.

All said and down, decent jackets especially if you can get one on sale.
There are much better and more accurate repros to be found if you're willing to pay more, or best option... If you are lucky enough to find an original that fits, is clean, and doesn't need a lot of work.


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photos of those ANJ3 jackets are hard to come by - still i found some on the WWW




(photo credit VLJ forum)

i own both version of the ANJ3 off coarse repops made by Fivestar: 1 with the more A2 details like shoulderboards and the zipper covered by the leather-tab (difficult to explain ...) - the other one basically a G1 without the mouton

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