Garrison Brothers Cowboy Bourbon!?!

Discussion in 'The Connoisseur' started by Levallois, Feb 26, 2017.

  1. Levallois

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    Went to White Chocolate Grill for a birthday and wanted to try Blanton's bourbon because several friends recommended it. Then I saw they had Garrison Bros. cowboy bourbon. Read some good things about it so had that first. Big mistake. What an overwhelming experience it was!! Fantastic in every way. Had Blanton's next and it paled by comparison. Not bad mind you but just weak. So then I find out the Garrison Bros runs $250 a bottle (if you can find it) and Blanton's is $60. Now I'm stuck! I won't be happy with anything but the GB cowboy. Anybody else feel this way?
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  2. LobeyDosser

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    Austin TX
    Been on the Garrison Brothers' tour in Hye, Texas in the heart of the Texas Hill Country and a center point for Texas wineries. The tour was great but getting to taste all the Garrison Brothers' bourbons was better. Heartily recommend getting to Garrison Brothers and discovering the Cowboy and more. I'm partial to their Balmorhea!
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  3. Lefty W.

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    I have attended a couple of bourbon tastings here in Austin within the last several years in which the featured brand was Garrison Brothers' Cowboy bourbon. I met Dan Garrison at one and he reminded me that we used to office across the hall from each other, back when he was in the PR business. I would like to go to the distillery in Hye, TX on Cowboy Bourbon release day, held in September if I remember correctly. Folks line up at the gate beginning around 6:00 a.m. for a chance at their own bottle, seemingly regardless of the price.
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  4. belfastboy

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    vancouver, canada
    I have been developing my whisky pallette over the past few years. Just came back from 6 weeks in Scotland touring the distlleries. A fun experience and i learned a ton. The biggest lesson was that age and expense while important are not necessarily the only determinant. Sone of my favourites were the standard 12 yr old offerings. Many times we preferred them to the 18 or 20 year old. Keep experimenting, keep sipping and keep an open mind. There just might be a $60-80 offering out there with your name on it.
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