Genuine 1970s Vintage French Army Issue Flight Jacket “Blouson PN” Size 40-42

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    The French military fighter pilot flight jacket, officially called “Le Blouson PN" (Personnel Navigant or “aircrew”) or “blouson de vol“ (flight jacket) is a lambskin leather military flight jacket that was issued by the French Armeé de l’Air to flight crew personnel only from 1970 to 1995.

    Authentic French “Armée de l’Air” issue “PN” jackets are very hard to find. Numerous copies abound; many were even made by the same government contractors; some were actually sold right on the French air force bases which led buyers to believe they were buying a “genuine” military issue jacket but they were wrong. Almost all these jackets you find on eBay are copies.

    Unless you know exactly what to look for when examining a jacket telling the difference can sometimes be very difficult. Here’s what to look for:
    1. 7 pockets (2 exterior pocket, 2 inner 'orders' pockets, as well as 1 pocket in the lining with the emergency jacket, 1 pocket on the chest for
      the rank tab (“Fourreau de Grade”) and 1 pocket (circular on the early versions, rectangular on the latter) on the left sleeve.
    2. Elastic knit cuffs in the sleeves.
    3. Waist adjustable with buttons or snaps, three positions
    4. Label with the name of the French manufacturer, (MJ as de Cuir, MIC, Ets Levroux, Cassi Sarl, Alto Cuir, Levroux, Jacquin...), military size and contract number ('ordre de marche')
    5. Main zipper is a heavy two way brass zipper ECLAIR or AILÉE (not YKK).
    6. Back panel is ONE piece.
    7. A red/orange (NOT YELLOW) emergency vest, stored in a small pocket in the lining. This is often missing.
    8. A removable brown (and NOT BLACK) synthetic mouton fur collar, attached at first by buttons later by zipper. This piece is also often missing.
    9. A black (and NOT BLUE) removable lining fixed by zipper and velcro (not on first generation jackets, those with the circular pocket on the left sleeve)
    10. Zig zag stitching on collar.
    11. Three ventilation holes in the arm pits.
    Copies usually fail inspection on #s 4, 5, 6 and 7. If the zipper is another make it may be a replacement.

    This one has all the signs of a genuine first generation military issue Blouson PN. The tag is the correct size and material but the ink is so badly faded that it is virtually unreadable. The manufacturer, contract number or year of manufacture cannot be read but the size reads100M. The main zipper is most likely made by Ailée but the pull on the main zip is missing. I have replaced it because it is needed to unzip the zipper. The zip on the sleeve pocket is an Ailée and the two zippers on the jacket are always from the same supplier. This jacket even has the “secret” pocket in the lining for the orange survival vest. However the vest and the mouton collar are missing which is ofter the case.

    Measurements are:

    Shoulders 19” 49cm
    Chest (pit to pit) 24” 61cm
    Length (collar seam 23-1/4” 59cm
    to bottom)
    Sleeve (curve) 24” 61cm
    Sleeve (straight) 23” 58.5cm

    This jacket was made in the early 1970s and has unfortunately been neglected for many years. The leather is showing signs of wear especially on the sleeves and to some extent on the shoulders. There are a couple spots where there is some slight cracking. This jacket urgently needs restoration with a GOOD leather preservative but it is easy enough to do. Once this has been done this jacket should have a treatment with preservative at least once a year (as should all vintage leather jackets). I use the same product that the US Air Force uses on its A-2 jacket collection. eBay rules prohibit “advertising” but I will gladly reveal the name of the product to the buyer.

    The jacket is eminently wearable and has lots of character. It is well worth the time and effort to bring it back.

    Authentic new old stock PN jackets sell for around 750-800 Euros on eBay when they surface. It is a bargain at $140.00 plus postage. Contact me directly at E3BC22B2-BEC1-44EE-814A-BFEAAC20FB72.jpeg 1E4C3DE9-AAC1-452B-A7EC-1481D46ADD07.jpeg 91913E04-C7CE-40B3-8686-CA8A80500F75.jpeg 8FBC5282-99A5-4B01-9367-D8E290025B84.jpeg 03F153B1-F02B-4E9C-8E34-B2E49B7BB145.jpeg 4207108E-9F84-438D-84FD-65DB69634F87.jpeg 94A3076A-9D45-45F9-97D3-8B7D1A20BADF.jpeg 01AB4B06-D856-4224-94E5-9AEDD472B03A.jpeg
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    I’m curious about the pattern.

    Can we get a fit pic or two?
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    Do you want a picture of me wearing it? This jacket does not fit me. I will post a photo of several French pilots wearing the jacket.... hope this helps.
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    November 4th: This jacket has been SOLD! Thanks for your imterest.

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