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H Bar C Ranchwear

Discussion in 'General Attire & Accoutrements' started by RBH, Oct 6, 2010.

  1. RBH

    RBH Bartender

    I just got a jacket off of E-bay that is a H Bar C Ranchwear.




    Here is the tag that is in my jacket.


    I found this on the web.

    H Bar C had it's beginnings in 1897 with Samuel Christenfeld who made English riding apparel in Brooklyn, New York. He partnered with M. Halpern in 1906 and they called the company Halpern and Christenfeld which later became H Bar C. In 1929 Halpern died and Christenfeld and his sons took over the company. In the beginning their western apparel was mainly pants and coats. In the 40's they wanted to expand to selling western shirts too. So they went to Rockmount Ranch Wear to have their first shirts made. That is why some of the early H Bar C shirts are very similar to some of the Rockmount shirts.
    In 1936 they opened an office in Los Angeles and later changed the label to H bar C California Ranchwear. Seymour (Samuel's son) worked there with Nudie Cohn, the famous Rodeo Tailor. H Bar C actually produced some of Nudies production lines. There they catered to the big Hollywood stars. They made clothing for stars like John Wayne, Roy Rogers, and Gene Autry to name a few. They took embroidery and appliqué work to the limits.
    In 1947 H Bar C contracted the help of Margaret and Frank (Guido) Miele. Margaret did a lot of the embroidery work herself, but later trained other people to help with the increase demand for her designs. H Bar C's designs have become highly collectible. They include embroidery & appliqué work with a large variety of designs. More designs than any other western shirt maker.
    Later Margaret Miele re-released some of her western shirt designs as the Miele, Legendary Collection.
    H Bar C is one of the main western shirt companies that helped to make western wear popular.

    Does anyone haqve any more info on this Co?
    And can anyone give a date on this jacket?

  2. Mav

    Mav A-List Customer

    Wow- haven't seen that label for years. I used to have a lot of their shirts in the 70's.
    H Bar C was a pretty standard western clothing line sold in most saddleries years ago. No idea what happened to 'em.
    The jacket looks like standard 70's dress westernwear, to me.
  3. Guttersnipe

    Guttersnipe One Too Many

    San Francisco, CA
    Based on the label, that suit might be older than the 70's. Western wear can be hard to date frankly, other than construction details and fabric content, the style changed very little from the 40's through the 70's. This can be especially true with H Bar C. They tended to make the same basic items exactly the same way for decades! The only difference is that in mid 60's or 70's they started using polyester and poly blends instead or rayon and 100% wool. Depending what the fabric content is of that suit it might be early 60's, or maybe even very late 50's. With H Bar C a good guideline for dating is to go by the label, which changed over the years.

    Here's some H Bar C items from my collection (note the similarity of the labels; the "circle R" doesn't appear on 50's labels):

    1950's gabardine jacket:



    Here's the label from a pair of 60's western pants:


    Checkout the Vintage Fashion Guild's label resource guide for more info.
  4. Foofoogal

    Foofoogal Banned

    Vintage Land
    :eusa_clap :eusa_clap
    Love it. I love vintage Western Wear.
  5. RBH

    RBH Bartender

    Thanks Guttersnipe, I looked at my jacket again and only found two more tags.
    One was a 'Dry Clean Only' and the other was a union made label in the inside pocket.
    Not sure of the fabric content.
  6. RBH

    RBH Bartender

    I hope we can get more post of H Bar C Ranchwear from members.
    I like the way most I have seen looks.
    And would like to learn more about it.
  7. Mr Badger

    Mr Badger Practically Family

    Somerset, UK
    There's a great ranchwear book, ostensibly promoting Rockmount, the Denver-based company, which also features other brands, including H Bar C. The book features a label gallery with dates...

  8. RBH

    RBH Bartender

    Looks like a cool book. Might have to hunt one up on the 'bay!
  9. feltfan

    feltfan My Mail is Forwarded Here

    Oakland, CA, USA
  10. dhermann1

    dhermann1 I'll Lock Up

    Da Bronx, NY, USA
    I have a nice H Bar C shirt that I got a year or so ago. Haven't worn it yet. I'll gets some pics.
    I was watching The Big Sleep on TCM the other night. If you notice, in the scenes at Eddie Mars' nightclub, which I believe was set in Santa Monica (which would have been WAY out of town from LA back in those days) about half the patrons are wearing western style clothes. That sort of gives you a cultural benchmark and context for how popular that style was in the 40s.
  11. l0fielectronic

    l0fielectronic Practically Family

    Saw this H Bar C Kickstarter mentioned online today https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/214524994/h-bar-c-ranchwear-expansion-project

    Has to be one of the poorest listing pages I think I've ever seen on there - with a video that looks like one of those auto-generated youtube 'news' channels and very little info on the actual rewards and what the options are. But good luck to them, looks like they may need it.
  12. Chad Hamann

    Chad Hamann New in Town

    Wow it's amazing This Thread started in 2010. I recently purchased a couple California ranchwear incorporated shirts from the 40s and a couple H Bar C shirts probably from the 70s and one blazer from the 1970s.
  13. Chad Hamann

    Chad Hamann New in Town

    Western shirts were also a very popular with motorcyclist in the 1930s to the 50s.

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