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Himel the best?

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When I see these pop up, I think, "Oh no, not another Himel thread." I ought to close it now and save myself a lot of time having to monitor it.

@greenc please use the search function to answer your questions. If you don't post anymore in this thread, it may die of its own accord, and I won't have to monitor it. We aren't down on you, but we have been down these roads so many times, it's like deja vu all over again.
Okay everyone, no more then. This was absolutely never intended to be a Himel conversation, despite my use of his name in the subject line. Again, I've referenced him because he makes expensive jackets that engender a lot of conversation - much of it for, and much of it against.

His creations are not as expensive as some, but far more expensive than many.

It was rather trying to understand the reasons behind how a manufacturer - any manufacturer - can rise to a $2,500 USD price point (and sometimes beyond), and whether the hype-train around it helped propel it forward.

I've looked at the link provided regarding the discussion on "are jackets worth the hype" and I appreciate the notion that the laws of diminishing returns begin after a certain price point ($1,000 is what was mentioned).

This wasn't meant to wind anyone up, or take everyone's time to respond and tell me to review the forum archives, it was just a question that I've had lately as I read more and more about various manufacturers. Really, this all sprang to mind while I was reading a discussion on Japanese brands - it just got me wondering why some manufacturers enjoy the benefits of popularity while not necessarily living up to the perceived quality that would expectedly come with an expensive jacket.

But no problem, we'll end this discussion here and live to talk another day. Enjoy the weekend everyone, and I do appreciate everyone's feedback.


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The best jacket is the one you like wearing. Forget about everything you read about.

I have a Himel, I love it and wear it all the time when weather permits. I went to Dave's place, got to talk with him, he measured me, I got to check out his insane jacket collection, I really enjoyed it. I think you invest in the person or company and service received as much as you do the physical product. I'll gladly support someone like Dave and his team who live in a place like Toronto and has Toronto expenses.

That said, I had every bit of intention of buying a second Himel but I did the math and decided to go with 2 Aero jackets for about the same price. I'll still probably buy a second Himel later on. Aero's email communication is about as good as it gets buying a custom made product from half way around the world but in person dealings are more confidence inspiring.

Shinki. Nobody cares other than you. Same goes for shell and other unique leathers.
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