How do folks react to your hat wearing?

Discussion in 'Hats' started by HamilcarBarca3, Aug 5, 2013.

  1. dkstott

    dkstott One of the Regulars

    For covid-19 related reasons, I haven't gotten my hair cut in 6+ months. I've recently decided that my hats look better with the brims turned down.

    This morning, I was out in the yard with my older Stetson Roadster on with the brim down.

    My wife asked me "Is that a new hat?"
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  2. Tiki Tom

    Tiki Tom One Too Many

    Vienna, Austria
    I put on a hat and my mask.
    Wife: "Jessie James, is that you?"
    She had a point. I lost the hat.
  3. 1961MJS

    1961MJS My Mail is Forwarded Here

    Norman Oklahoma
    Ah come on, I wear cowboy hats, and wide brimmed fedoras most days. I had a blast last week. I went out and the first two places I went were the bank and the liquor store, wearing cowboy hat and mask. Couldn't do that last year could ya?
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  4. SteveFord

    SteveFord A-List Customer

    You can tell Halloween is coming up.
    I had a doctor's appt early this morning and I'm waiting outside the door from them to let me in. I've got a black leather motorcycle jacket on and an old Dobb's fedora.
    The nurse comes out and goes, "OH MY GOD, I THOUGHT YOU WERE FREDDY KRUGER!!! You're all tall and the hat and it was dark..."
    I told her next time I'll wear a derby.
  5. Big Steve

    Big Steve One of the Regulars

    Someone calls you out as "indiana Jones'....need to respond with that's "Dr. Jones" with a slight smile.
  6. M Brown

    M Brown One of the Regulars

    N Tx
    My vet is a big fan of the chocolate Rand I wear in cold months. It's a 4" brim, tall crown 100%'er with a styling similar to a Tom Horn but flatter brimmed. I suspect he'd trade services for it if I offered it up.

    And I get routine compliments on my natural Open Road RD. It's just a great all around hat.
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  7. scottyrocks

    scottyrocks I'll Lock Up

    Isle of Langerhan, NY
    My most usual response is, 'Who is that?'
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