How do you ship leather jackets?

Discussion in 'Outerwear' started by ksunnyh, Jan 31, 2017.

  1. Claybertrand

    Claybertrand Practically Family

    Just my 2 Cents----One concern I have with folding the jacket certain ways is that with multiple zipper jackets--for example jackets with Zipped Cuffs---if the jacket is folded too tightly, you can emboss a zipper mark or more realistically, you can nick the leather with the sharp zipper track teeth or the edge of a pull. I have "Blue Taped" zippers before shipping to protect against this. Also, as has been said, plastic bag is a must. Who knows what kind of shipping conditions the jacket will go through.....

    When possible, I use the USPS Flat Rate Large Box----"GAMEBOARD BOX". They usually don't have them out on the floor with the other Flat Rate Large boxes. You have to ask for them by that name--Gameboard---its similar to a Monopoly box but thicker. I usually pick up a few at a time at the PO or have them send them to me. You can fold the jacket lengthwise and slip it into the box. This WILL NOT work for Aeros and larger, heavier jackets because they are just too thick for the box. But for most medium weight jackets, it works out fine with minimal folding.

    Fortunately for all of us, creasing takes much more time to take effect than any shipping time frame.
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  2. Claybertrand

    Claybertrand Practically Family

    "Scalpel!!!!.............Forceps!!!!...........Scissors!!!!!!!.......I said Scissors DAMMIT stat!!!!!!!!!!!":p:p

    Usin that knife on a box with a Leather Treasure is like rubbin a Mule's hind legs.......... Lord knows THE UNBOXING is such a magical experience (potentially)..... that first try on----Yer either Jerry Seinfeld or you're writing up a new listing.o_O
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    I am absolutely loving this thread. Even though I'm kinda new here, I've bought and sold quite a few jackets because of my weird frame (tall, lanky). It's simply blown my mind the way people ship some jackets. I had one show up in a paper bag stuffed haphazardly in a box. I had one shipped in a garment bag that looked like the bag itself costed $50, but the jacket was loose inside with a hangar jangling around. Crammed in a slim flat rate box. An envelope! (and that one was new! promptly returned)

    Personally, I fold it, place tissue paper anywhere there may be zipper-to-leather contact to prevent impressions/abrasions (if necessary), add padding/bubble wrap, and make sure to use a decent sized/sturdy box. I try to reinforce with tape to ensure some level of weather sealing, but now I'm thinking I may bag 'er up. I just always heard you should never store leather in plastic, but I suppose a few days won't hurt...
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  4. deepestbluest

    deepestbluest Familiar Face

    oh, and I always make sure to put something underneath the folded seam of the cardboard, to prevent overzealous recipients from destroying their purchase!
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  5. Marc mndt

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    Lewis Leathers, shipped from Spain to the Netherlands. Has been in transit for two weeks. This makes my eyes bleed. I guess next time I should specifically ask for a proper sized box.
  6. MrProper

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    My package to USA.
    But after reading here that someone had received a completely soaked package, I put the jacket additionaly in a plastic bag. I wouldn't do this for storage but I hope the delivery time isn't tragic.
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