How many hats is enough?

Discussion in 'Hats' started by NDW76, Jun 13, 2010.

  1. Me either. I see a lot more offensive behavior than someone wearing their hat in a restaurant.
  2. And I hate to bring this up...but I know I don't have enough tennis balls!
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  3. suitedcboy

    suitedcboy One Too Many

    Me, the dog, the spouse, and the hats are all still inside the house so I'm not there yet. I will cop to having lowered shelves and hanger rods so the space on shelf is a dimension that some multiple of hat box height will fit. You can't put a 9 inch hat box into that 4.25 inches left above those other two hat boxes. I don't find that it is important to see shoes on the floor in that hanger area.....
  4. 1967Cougar390

    1967Cougar390 A-List Customer

    South Carolina
    I have 21 hats total. That’s counting the two I ordered yesterday. Out of the 21, The two Akubras I have and the two that I’m waiting to receive will get the bulk of wearing time. I will rotate my straw hats in more during the summertime. My wool felt hats will probably see less usage now that I agave upgraded in quality.

    Storage for me is a four hanger rack by the door with hanging racks also in the closet.

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  5. SteveFord

    SteveFord A-List Customer

    When you look at a hat and don't really recall buying it.
    When you look at your hats and realize that you've never actually worn it for more than a few minutes.

    That's when you know you're getting close!
  6. Ross Young

    Ross Young One of the Regulars

    My personal limit is 10. I’m not there yet but have sold a couple I bought ‘on a whim’ because they didn’t really have that look I now know I like. Can’t imagine someone would be able to answer this question for you though...
  7. AbbaDatDeHat

    AbbaDatDeHat I'll Lock Up

    Maybe when you have nightmares of hats attacking in formation, wave after wave and you only have a hat brush and sponge to defend yourself.
    Not that i would know or anything.
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  8. Frunobulax


    Funkytown, USA
    That's Tuesday.
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  9. GHT

    GHT I'll Lock Up

    New Forest
    A hat collector I am not, just a dozen that's all. You won't catch me accumulating impossible quantities of hats. Thousands of pre-50's 45 rpm records, maybe. Almost a hundred Aloha shirts, maybe. But at least I've got hats under control.
  10. TheOldFashioned

    TheOldFashioned Practically Family

    The Great Lakes
    ...marching in cowboy boots and wearing leather jackets? ;)
  11. deadlyhandsome

    deadlyhandsome I'll Lock Up

    Central California
    Anything more than 10,000 is just showing off.

    I’m trying to get down to 35-50 felt and 15 “straw” hats. An arbitrary number that is always changing. It’s just a lot more fun buying them than selling.
  12. BryanB

    BryanB Familiar Face

    Where do keep that many hats? I've got room for a few more and that's it. I mean I live in a small condo in Israel, funny growing up in the suburbs and rural areas of the USA space was never an issue for me. Here 10 years and l can't wrap my head around the he notion that I can't buy whatever I want, simply because I don't have space
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  13. hatsRme

    hatsRme I'll Lock Up

    Boston area
    Right! My son played on the Ra’anana basketball team a few years ago, and required some adjusting to those same living space limitations. On the positive side, it made his next move (to NYC) easier. Now he complains about the cost of living.
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  14. Hat and Rehat

    Hat and Rehat Call Me a Cab

    Marginal utility is the economic term.
    But wouldn't they all have to be the same hat?
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  15. Short Balding Guy

    Short Balding Guy I'll Lock Up

    Twin Cities, MN USA
    How many is enough?

    "Sample size is an element of research design that significantly affects the validity and clinical relevance of the findings identified in research studies. Factors that influence sample size include the effect size, or difference expected between groups or time points, the homogeneity of the study participants, the risk of error that investigators consider acceptable and the rate of participant attrition expected during the study. Appropriate planning in regard to each of these elements optimises the likelihood of finding an important result that is both clinically and statistically meaningful."

    In order to be statistically significant ,I suggest that hat racks of <75 not be considered. Hat racks with multiplies of 75 should be given larger confidence percentages for comments on The Fedora Lounge.

    Apologies for my attempt at humor above. I find this question to be wanting. Of course the correct answer is always - 1 more than I have right now.

    Amused this afternoon, Eric -
  16. I told my wife I'm trying to keep up with her shoe collection.
  17. BryanB

    BryanB Familiar Face

    Why wanting? Hoarding is a serious disorder. Many in my family are hoarders, and living a small condo makes it a lot easier to fall into. Plus if you have 500 hats will you ever really cherish or wear all? I mostly hats for the sun. I might buy a few more crushable Tilleys or something. I don't have any more closet space for felt fur outbacks like my coober pedy
  18. BryanB

    BryanB Familiar Face

    I know Raanana. It's not far from me. There is a store there called Meatland that sells British and American foods, like an Asian grocery store in USA, but for Anglos as we English speakers are called here. Many life adjustments are need to adapt here, a tiny condo is definitely one of them.
  19. belfastboy

    belfastboy I'll Lock Up

    vancouver, canada
    My 'number' is somewhere around the 50 mark (fur and straw) which I currently exceeding by a just a few. The limitation is imposed by storage space. I have room to store 30 hats, in boxes, orderly. The others are just stacked in our guest bedroom which is good except for when guests arrive. Don't necessarily want to stop but where to stack them really is an issue. and divorcing my wife just to gain more closet space is not up for discussion...… the moment. ……..besides she might ask for 1/2 the hats!
  20. Hat and Rehat

    Hat and Rehat Call Me a Cab

    I was taking notes, Eric!
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