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Discussion in 'Outerwear' started by Torpedo, Sep 27, 2009.

  1. Torpedo

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    Barcelona (Spain)

    How loose, or otherwise, is the fit of original Ike jackets? I am thinking of getting one for casual wearing use. I use a 36 or 38 in jackets, depending on pattern. Would you advise I get a 36 or a 38 Ike jacket?

  2. Flitcraft

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    Military repros generally run slim- no "Mr. Americas" in the military- mostly skinny young guys.
    I'd try a 38 first and see what you think. You definitely don't want one thats too blousy.
  3. anon`

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    I have three original Ike jackets that "fit" me: two 38Rs and one 36R.

    One of the 38s jacket I need to sell, as it feels like a 36 in the shoulders (though fits elsewhere but length).
    The other 38, also an R, fits just fine in the chest and shoulders and is long enough in the sleeve but feels short in the overall length.
    The 36, while short in the sleeve, is longest in the body and believe it or not... fits me best.

    My conclusion? It's a total crap shoot, and depends on who made the jacket. (All three of mine are from different manufacturers, and all are supposedly based on the '44 pattern.) I'd agree with Flitcraft that if you can take either to start with 38 for that reason. If you're looking for an original piece and take a "regular" length modern jacket, I'd consider looking for a 38L also, as R-length jackets of the period tend to be cut for guys who must stand about 5'8" or less.

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