Iron Heart IHJ-35 Japanese Horsehide Leather Rider’s Jacket

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    And the purge continues. Picked this one up from Powerband a few months back and never really got a chance to wear it through the summer aside from a few sessions in the house. Lightly worn condition and an incredible amount of quality as expected for a Japanese piece.

    SZ Small 36

    Pit to pit 20.6”
    Shoulders 18.3”
    Back 24.8”
    Sleeves 24.2”

    Room was a bit dusty when taking pics so any random white spots you see are likely that except for a light circle on the right front panel from the button on the inner pocket.

    Price is $695 shipped CONUS and paid PP/FF. Thanks for looking!

    2A1BD455-6896-4921-83F7-0D3093D57873.jpeg F7342B46-3A9C-4FA7-9CA3-E2D8718C51CF.jpeg 4A85AD7A-B2F6-4F4A-AFBB-648949C32CEF.jpeg EBE0CD10-F1B7-41FC-BE5D-B89F92737B1A.jpeg CA0308F9-B6B2-4953-8D64-93D7CE3F5CD0.jpeg B3A58B57-DC01-45B1-B98C-245F7A9140C1.jpeg
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  2. JCSD

    JCSD One of the Regulars

    SOLD- thanks TFL!

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