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(KNIVES) Let's see some sharp pointy objects


One Too Many
Great Basin
I thought I had posted this prior but guess not. My tactical Q-Tip. A most impressive folder out of many I have used and carried. A true one hand folder opening with a "flicker" and closing with the push button "dead bolt" lock. And a quick as any auto knife I own while being stronger than most I suspect. This is an outstanding folder imo if the blade shape and overall size appeals to you.

CRKT James Williams 2908 folder​

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One Too Many
The Barbary Coast
As with a lot of boys who grew up during a certain time period in The USA, I carried a Swiss Army knife. A status symbol. In those days, the poor kids had some knock-off. The kids whose parents had good jobs got Wenger and Victorinox. The more money your family had, the bigger the knife with more attachments.


Eventually, by the time I was 10 or 11, a more functional blade was required. Opening potato chip bags before the cut notch and "tear here" perforated line, was difficult. As many children of a certain age remember biting into the plastic bag and trying to tear it open with your teeth. I also needed something more capable for cutting bait and field dressing game, as I was now old enough to fish and hunt.


Life changes. I was now in high school. I soon learned that I needed a fixed blade knife, which I could deploy with one hand. And I had to have a finger guard so that my hand did not slide forward onto the blade. Not that there was a risk of cutting my own fingers off, while trying to stab somebody else...... but still. You had to be ready. The streets of Chinatown were different after darkness fell, and the tourist retreated back to their hotels.


Circumstances in life change. In the modern world, if someone were to assault me, I would defend against the assault with a firearm. I wouldn't try to stab back at an assailant. The most common use for any knife is to cut food. Sharing food at dim sum tables, farmers markets, or from hawker carts. I now carry a knife with a dependable blade, which I can use in restaurants without attracting too much attention.


I don't want to be the guy cutting meat with a fighting knife.


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