Lost Worlds Trojan Back Length / LW return policy

Discussion in 'Outerwear' started by jonbuilder, Aug 13, 2020.

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    When I ordered my CHP this is what Stuart did for me because we were on the fence about whether or not a 46 would be too tight for me. It was actually Stuart’s idea to do it this way because he said he would be left with a stock jacket to sell rather than a custom order which might not be as desirable to other customers. I was happy with the suggestion and I paid postage both ways on the “fit jacket”.
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    That’s simply not true. There are laws and customers have rights.

    You can return anything you order online within X number of days no explanation given. You just have to follow the process given by the vendor.

    Another thing would be a custom jacket but a stock size even if it’s MTO can be returned and the law says so almost anywhere.
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    You didn't understand what I said.
    Yes, absolutely you can return the jacket to LW and they will issue the refund, but he will refuse any order from you after that.
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    I think it is a downright dirty trick to purposely purchase a high end made to order leather jacket knowing you intend to return. Bad for the hard-working jacket makers and bad for good customers who have to pay higher prices for jackets to compensate for the purchasers without scruples who take advantage of return policies. To answer colin question the purpose of a return policy is to give customers an out if they select the wrong size on an expensive internet item without standard size guilds.
    I will give 20 to 1 odds there are more transactions when the customer is being unreasonable than when the jacket maker being unreasonable. My opinion has nothing to do with Lost Worlds, I never delt with Lost Worlds. This is one case where someone takes offense I do not give a DAM
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