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Merry Christmas from 1936!

Discussion in 'General Attire & Accoutrements' started by Nobert, Dec 3, 2017.

  1. Nobert

    Nobert Practically Family

    I was going to wait on this, but the stores are playing soppy, modern pop versions of carols, the decorations are up, and Baby, it's cold outside. Now I'm all giddy.

    Another Yuletide season is upon us, with its attendant spirit of giving. So I am keeping with time-honored Noel tradition and gifting to the Flounge: something it already has plenty of and probably doesn't need any more. Namely, a scan from Esquire. This is from the issue dated January 1937, but is clearly the X-mas issue, and this buyer's guide is Last Minute Gifts That Don't Look It.

    Esq 36 gifts.png
    Esq 36 gifts legend.png

    For those of us who are still looking for inspiration in filling out a vintage-style wardrobe and collection of accessories--or know someone who is--this may spark some ideas. Reading this, it struck me how easy the smart man about town must have been to shop for, given his need to replenish socks, hankercheifs and pipe tobacco.

    The legend to the key is as follows.

    1. Dinner jacket set of black onyx cuff links, studs, and waistcoat buttons.
    2. Monogrammed gold plated belt buckle.
    3. A key chain for slave drivers, with holder in the shape of a bull whip.
    4. Sterling silver belt buckle bearing a silver initial.
    5. Initialed tie clip.
    6. A pipe with an extra length bowl.
    7. Octagonal bowl pipe.
    8. Pipe with apple shaped bowl.
    9. A small pipe sporting the outdoor design usually reserved for larger ones.
    10. Black and white hound's tooth check tweed tobacco pouch.
    11. Billfold of crocodile leather.
    12. Shaving brush of badger hair bristles.
    13. Electric shaver for any current—AC or DC.
    14. Double edged razor blades—the new one piece razor hangs together for them.
    15. Imported razor with hollow ground blade—part of a set including automatic hone and strop.
    16. Foulard silk tie with grouped spot design.
    17. Club stripe rep silk tie.
    18. Cashmere wool tie with spaced madder figures.
    19. Spitalfields silk tie with an overall pattern.
    20. Fancy striped rep tie.
    21. Unusual design of overall pattern silk tie.
    22. Bottle opener with stag horn handle.
    23. Cork screw with matching stag horn handle.
    24. Braided brown calf belt.
    25. Collar box of pigskin with saddle stitching.
    26. This travelling mirror is protected by a saddle stitch pigskin case for at least seven years.
    27. Jewelry box in saddle stitched pigskin.
    28. Monogrammed crocodile leather case with slide fastener.
    29. Buffed hogskin gloves.
    30. Yellow buck gloves for town and dress wear.
    31. Cape skin gloves for all-round wear.
    32. Hand loomed white wool Austrian hose for sportswear.
    33. Bright plaid braces.
    34. Smartly patterned blue and white all-wool hose.
    35. Braces in a favored green shade.
    36. Plaid designed hose.
    37. Suspenders in brown braided leather.
    38. Clocked wool hose.
    39. Argyle plaid wool hose.
    40. A black leather belt.
    41. Ostrich skin belt.
    42. Silk lounging pajamas.
    43. Striped broadcloth pajamas with an open notched collar.
    44. The latest design in small cameras.
    45. Motion picture camera.
    46. A pleated bosom sage green shirt with French cuffs.
    47. A tie to match.
    48. Imported Norwegian gloves with Telemark pattern.
    49. Cocker spaniel puppy in imported glazed pottery.
    50. Hand carved wooden draft horse tanding about ten inches high.
    51. Pigskin grip in a convenient size.
    52. Newly designed traveling bag of rawhide.
    53. Leather coat for general sportswear.
    54. V-neck Austrian stitch red cashmere pull-over.
    55. [There is no 55. Guess the store was out.]
    56. Turtle-neck light weight pull-over in canary yellow.
    57. Knitted and tweed cardigan.
    58. Wool muffler.
    59. Another wool muffler.
    60. Button down collar attached shirt in the new spaced stripe version.
    61. Wine color heavy silk striped tie.
    62. Writing tablet finished in red leather.
    63. Canvas case with slide fastener boasting a "Thermos," a sandwich kit and space for cartidges.
    64. Glazed pottery dachshund.
    65. Heavy weight blue glass ashtray.
    66. Imported porcelain figure of a wire haired Scotch terrier.
    67. Pocket size lighter in a black and chrome finish.
    68. Red enamel and chrome chromium flameless lighter simulating a lipstick.
    69. A streamlined silver-plated pocket lighter.

    The older hands on the forum may find all this stuff old hat...(wait a minute, they go nuts for old hats, think, Nobert) may find this stuff yesterday's news...(no, they're into that too...)

    The older hands on the forum may find this stuff a bit entry-level, or already have items similar or identical to the ones in the gift-giving guide. For you, I got a picture of Santa smoking a Lucky.

    Lucky Santa web.png

    Merry Christmas!
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  2. Fading Fast

    Fading Fast

    New York City
    Neat, fun stuff - thank you for posting.

    I don't travel much at all anymore and have more than enough luggage for my modest needs, but have always wanted a bag like #51 above. I see them all the time in classic movies - usually in a train scene which only ups their appeal. They look so solid, so substantial and so leathery that I want one just to have it. I've even tried to convince myself that I could leave it out in the bedroom for "atmosphere" and store stuff in it - but I'm not really that guy, I was just trying to justify a completely frivolous purchase.
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  3. scotrace

    scotrace Head Bartender Staff Member

    Dover, OH

    I like the alternative caption to this image:

    "Shove off, kid. Santa's on break!"
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  4. MondoFW

    MondoFW A-List Customer

    At first glance, I thought 23 was a sickle. "You have nothing to lose but your chains!"
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  5. Wolf99

    Wolf99 New in Town

    A shirt with a pleated front but it isn’t evening wear? Was that usual? It feels a bit dressy for every day wear.

    And Merry Christmas to you too!
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  6. Nobert

    Nobert Practically Family

    I don't know, a grip could make a great overnight bag. I'd pick one up in a heartbeat if I found a decent one within my budget, but the only candidates I've come across have been dried out and cracked with age and neglect.

    After years of poking around in the area of ye vintage clothery, I've come to the conclusion that everything has been in fashion at some point and every style trend has its exceptions. Also, to take with a grain of salt the edicts, proscriptions and mandates of those who get a case of the vapors whenever they see a man with his bottom jacket button done up.

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