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    There is a radio station in Chicago and online world wide, Saturdays from 1-5pm central time that broadcast old radio serials, adverts, interviews, and even sit and read a newspaper from the era the radio is showcasing, its usually the 1940s-1960s. Link for the latest podcast http://www.nostalgiadigest.com/ and the other link to listen live https://wdcb.org/program/those-were-the-days I randomly found out about this when I was at the record store. And noticed there was a current "TV" like radio guide detailing the radio broadcast for the next 3 months. Along with interviews of stars, movies, and history.
    Once I found out about this I absolutely bought a subscription. Its a very informative little magazine. And I do like that when I do not have time to sit and listen to the live broadcast I can listen to the podcast which is listed on the website every Tuesday.

    And after the Those Were The Days broadcast there is MidWest Ballroom from 5 to 7pm central time https://wdcb.org/program/midwest-ballroom Midwest Ballroom is a two-hour program hosted by local author John Russell (Ghrist) that mostly features local big bands and orchestras. These are the musical groups that are keeping the big band era alive in the Chicagoland area. Recordings by territory orchestras and vocalists are also included on the program. Each show includes interviews with local musicians, "The Big Band Bulletin Board," "The History Lesson," and "The Garage Sale Record of the Week," which highlight the musical accomplishments of many national entertainers. The program also promotes the appearances of local bands, groups and singers from the area. If you are in the Chicagoland area here is a list of places one can go and listen to live big band music here is the calendar for their events https://wdcb.org/events/ballroom
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