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  1. Does anyone think to build railings around platforms in the future, or are they intentionally left out in case a fight breaks out some 2000 meters above the ground?

    And what was with the tentacled Romulan ship? The design seems to defy every law of aerodynamics.
  2. MrBern

    MrBern I'll Lock Up

    Try the magnetic boots from StarTrekVI's assasination scenes.

    The romulan ship design reminded me or porcupine quills.
    I have NO idea how this is conceived as a mining ship. Im told the graphic novels have insights to story & prestory.

    BTW, the new Romulan makeup seemed a step forward from the makeup of TNG & last movie. No ridge foreheads & bad wigs. But I have no idea where the tattoo thing came from...
  3. yeah, we caught that. I thought it was a good touch. i also liked the loading of the photon torps. I don't recall ever seeing that in TOS. Given I don't know anything about Trek at all after TOS, so it might have been in the two dozen Trek series that followed.

    I just watched Obsession about an hour ago. The problem with their all being at Star Fleet together is that they can no longer have independent histories. You can't have an Obsession or Man Trap or This Side of Paradise if all the characters have served together since their first mission. I think they painted themselves into a corner with that. Most likely they don't really care. Sort of like Garry Marshall with The Odd Couple. They were childhood friends, they met in the army, they met on a jury, they met....


  4. I thought they were a disgruntled thrash metal band.
  5. MrBern

    MrBern I'll Lock Up

    When a Chinese actress played the lead as Japanese in Memoirs of a Gheisha, from what I read there was littl concern from Japan's audiences. They registered more concerned over the lack of authenticity in the set decor.

    Your 60s reference to Mickey Rooney reminds me of Natalie Wood painted brown for West Side Story. But she'd make a fine mom for Chekov, having been born to ruski parents as Natalia Zacharenko
  6. MrBern

    MrBern I'll Lock Up

    The costumes were ...dark trenchcoats...
    the make-up seemed a LOT better than the last version in Trek:X Nemesis



    I was sort of surprised that the aliens speak english fluently with colloquial familiarity. No more of the 'Greetings People of Earth' its 'Hi, Im Nero..'

    The Orion greengal inflected like any west coaster. No, 'I come from another culture' allure.
    TOS trek tried to depict strange new its dumbed down.
  7. anon`

    anon` One Too Many

    I think you just went to a bad theatre. Either that scene was in perfect focus when I saw it, or my new contacts have VISOR-levels of awesomeness...

    And now we all get to deal with the fact that this is a different Star Trek than we know from TOS. There will be no "Cage", "Journey to Babel", or "Court Martial". Or any other episode from TOS. There will be none of the previous movies in this reality. No TNG or DS9. No Voyager (though some might not mind that) or anything else that we know. It is what it is, and at least Abrams had the decency to not trash the timeline already in place.

    But he could've done so much more, if only he'd stayed in the established chronology... there were close to 15 years (between Kirk's enrolment and eventual command of Enterprise) and four largely-unwritten histories to work with. Ah well. At least it was entertaining, with plenty of good 'in-jokes'.
  8. The green make-up looked CGI too.
  9. MrBern

    MrBern I'll Lock Up

    Well, we already crossed the threshold of the Trek reality in the `90s.
    SpaceSeed & Wrath of Khan work under a premise of `90s Eugenics Wars.
    DS9 mentioned them as well, since the figure into DoctorBashir's character.

    Incidentally, in The Cage & Where No Man has Gone Before, there are no phaser pistols, just laser pistols. Enterprise got around that by calling them phase pistols.

    BTW, Ive read that filming with the new phaser's swivelling nozzle was problematic.
  10. MrBern

    MrBern I'll Lock Up


    I must say that I hold The CAGE in the highest regards...except for the doctor
    theres no place for comb-overs in space.
  11. Djupis

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    London, UK
    Wouldn't make any difference really, seeing as they're in space...
  12. MrBern

    MrBern I'll Lock Up

    sub orbit

    Werent they emersed in some part of the know, for the parachute scenes?
  13. MrBern

    MrBern I'll Lock Up

    Wrath of Khan. Plenty of torpedo scenes, including Spock's burial.
  14. anon`

    anon` One Too Many

    I think you might've misread my post: only the first paragraph was meant in response to your comment. Most of the rest was bouncing off of Senator Jack's response.

    When I speak of some event happening or another not, I'm not speaking of whether or not it really will happen. I didn't expect a Eugenics War to break out in 1994 (or so), and the fact that it didn't happen doesn't take away my appreciation for "Space Seed". And if you really want to nitpick, the Star Trek universe was broken by 1969, as there doesn't appear to have been an Air Force captain named John Christopher.

    Anyway, what I was referring to was the fact that, if this new movie had occurred in the "real" (Star Trek 1.0?) time line, nothing else in the established canon would come to pass. Abrams neatly sidestepped that problem by creating a new time line (Star Trek 2.0?) which is all good and well, but we're faced with the reality that this new crew will never experience the adventures we see in TOS, et alia.
  15. MrBern

    MrBern I'll Lock Up

    Yeah I understand. Spoiler in black type, hilite to read :
    Its OldSPock's dilemma at the end. He has no home to return to, unlike say City on Edge of Forever or VoyageHome. Trek as we knew it is erased...or at least kicked to teh side & now we see an alternate timeline of the Trek Univers.. So thats why he hung around & created the paradox of speaking to his younger self. He seems to be going off with the new Vulcan Colony & advising young Spock to stick with StarFleet. I wonder if any of the next movies will continue with an old `60s storyline, just updated with the new characters...or will it all be a fresh break from canon? Time will tell.
    Frankly I wonder about the subtext of the characters emotional lives. Its sorta saying, without his biological father, Kirk isnt as great as he was, but with th death of Spock's mother mother, Spock's life can be a lot healthier. He's already mended the relationship with Sarek. And now he seems to be regarding a relationship with Uhura that he constantly avoided in the old series( Nurse Chapel, etc). It all seems a bit odd to me. But then again it seems to be one of those StarWars issues thrust into Trek. Anakin's family issues drove him towards th philosphy of dictatorship, Luke as well driven by parental issues. I notice a lot of littl starwars details in this Trek movie.
  16. Macheath

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    Chapel Hill, NC
    I saw it in IMAX today, and it absolutely is. Shots of the Enterprise's hull are particularly impressive.
  17. Matt Deckard

    Matt Deckard Man of Action

    So where is Lt. Slater in this new Trek?

  18. Mike in Seattle

    Mike in Seattle My Mail is Forwarded Here

    Renton (Seattle), WA
    As they said in, I believe, 2001 - In space, nobody can hear you scream...
  19. I keep forgetting to use the self-serving ' lol ' when I post here. :rolleyes:

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