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Open Road and Gold Sovereign for sale, size 7


One Too Many
Fort Collins, CO
I have two hats for sale. Online pictures of both are here.

#1 is a Stetson Open Road that I bought on Ebay advertised as grey - but unfortunately it is Silver Belly (VERY light tan), and I already have a nice Silver Belly.

It's yours for the $40 I have in it, but it's NOT a perfect hat. Here are the details:

- Light brown sweatband which dates it to before the 70's, showing little wear. Imprinted: THE EMPORIUM Taos New Mexico.
- Sweatband size tag is 1/8; actual circumference measures 22", which is a size 7. The hat would stretch back to 7 1/8 with a little patience.
- The felt is wonderfully soft and light; it's an older Open Road and the material is nice.
- MOST of the hat is in excellent shape, BUT - it was shaped as a pinch-front, and there is a crack in the felt about 1/4" long where the previous owner handled the pinch. There is also soiling from handling around the top of the pinch, and it's worst in front. The owner obviously didn't know better then to pick it up by the pinch.
- The soiling should come out with denatured alcohol or naptha and brushing. The crack is through the felt for at least half of the 1/4" length, so it's not coming out.
- IF you want to wear this as a fedora with pinch-front again, the crack can be hidden, and if you handle it carefully (by the brim), it should last for a long time. Of course, you will know the crack is there, but it's not going to be visible to most. For the money, you might want to think this over!

I believe the people here as discerning, so I want you to be sure you know what you're getting. If the crack were not present, this would be an $80 or better hat, but it's not. If I don't find a buyer, I may stretch it out to 7 1/4 and use it as a beat-around fedora. It will last for many years in that application, or as a camping hat that I don't have to worry about.

In the photos, I have shown the hat with a pinch and also rounded out the crown to show you the soiling and crack as clearly as possible.

#2 is a Stetson Sovereign in "Tawny" color, which is a very attractive gold/tan. This hat also was an Ebay purchase and it's nice, but the crown is lower than I like and the brim is a bit narrow for me. It's a smaller hat than the fedoras of the 30's and 40's.

- Dark brown sweatband, tag behind sweatband says 7 1/4, but the hat only measures 22" in circumference, which is an honest 7.
- Sweatband imprinted 'Luxuro finish" and "The Sovereign Stetson".
- The hat material is a "Luxuro" felt, which isn't furry but is more of a velour finish than the standard Stetson dress finish.
- Liner has slight yellowing from hair oil on top and both sides, but it's not badly marked. There is a previous owner's name in ball point pen: V. Bendinsky.
- Nice black ribbon, 1 7/8" wide. feathers look good.
- Crown is 3.5" high at the front of the pinch, the highest point on the sides is about 4.5".
- Brim is 1 7/8" wide, measuring from the ribbon to the edge.

I will consider any offer over $30 for this hat. If you like a 60's look with smaller hats or are a small or slender person (or female), this hat might be right for you. It looks fantastic on either of my daughters, both of whom wear a 7.

Please email me with any questions or offers: apowell@gocougs.wsu.edu


One Too Many
Fort Collins, CO
OH, by the way - these will go on Ebay next weekend if no buyers by then.

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