Orgueil Shinki Horsehide Camel Board Track Jacket- Made in Japan- Size 42

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    Hope everyone is safe and sound! I am a long time lurker of the Lounge and over the last several years have definitely benefited from the great amount of resources found on this forum, which inevitably led me down the rabbit hole...and now I am also a proud owner of a couple of great Aero jackets...

    A few months ago back in December, I was looking for a jacket that has a lighter shade and also a lining to get me through winter in Hong Kong as well as keeping me warm on my overseas travels. I was fortunate to have found a beautiful tan colored board racer-type jacket from Orgueil Japan (the same makers who make the famous Cossack jacket and owned by Studio D'Artisan), in a rich Shinki horsehide no less!

    I was able to get the jacket shipped to me from Japan, which was the last size 42 available in this color. The jacket itself just blew me away when I first opened the box- the Shinki horsehide is beautiful to behold, rich in color, and substantial, heavier than my Aero Vicenza but not as thick as FQHH. Besides the luxurious leather, the plaid wool liner adds personality and added layer of warmth, while the finishing, including the stitching and hardware are impeccable.

    The only thing has been... Hong Kong has had a very warm winter, most days from December through now in the 70's in Farenheit, which makes this jacket quite tough to wear given the wool liner and that Hong Kong is pretty much always humid outside. Add to the fact that all of my business trips to cooler places have been canceled, sadly this jacket has just been sitting in the closet.

    Hence I am looking to let go of the jacket, hoping it will go to someone who will greatly enjoy it!

    Brand New with Tags, Never Worn, Only Tried On Twice

    Orgueil Custom Hanger Included

    Here are the measurements (in inches):
    Shoulder to Shoulder- 19.25
    Pit to Pit- 22.8
    Front Length- 27.5
    Back Length- 27
    Waist- 22
    Sleeve Length- 26

    I wear a size 42 in the Aero Board Racer and Ridley, this Orgueil jacket fits me well with room for a sweater too.

    What I paid: 175,500 Yen (inclusive of Japanese tax) - About USD $1,620

    Price Now: I am willing to let this jacket go at a 20% discount, which comes out to USD $1,295. I will throw in express international shipping with tracking as well, as a bonus. This is a fantastic deal and I hope it will go another loving home soon!

    Payment Method: Paypal- I will send you an invoice. While I am a new member here, I have sold over 55 items on Grailed over the years with a 5 star rating:

    You can also find the link to the jacket on Orgueil's website:

    IMG_20200410_162405.jpg IMG_20200410_163159.jpg IMG_20200410_163225.jpg IMG_20200410_163327 (2).jpg IMG_20200410_163408.jpg IMG_20200410_163523.jpg IMG_20200410_163552_1.jpg IMG_20200410_163639.jpg IMG_20200410_163712.jpg OR-4117-001 (1).jpg
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