Original WWII low boots

Discussion in 'Outerwear' started by srahimian24, Aug 16, 2019.

  1. srahimian24

    srahimian24 New in Town

    Anyone know where a good source to find vintage boots is? Been looking for a pair of original WWII service boots (pre 1944) and all the ones I have found on ebay are too big
  2. Peter Bowden

    Peter Bowden Practically Family

    united kingdom
  3. ToddPZ0313

    ToddPZ0313 New in Town

    Just my humble opinion,but I think it would be a shame to destroy a piece of History (or in this case two pieces of history) you could go the repro route,
    places like:
    At the Front
    SM Wholesale
    WWII Impressions
    SoF Military (this one I "believe")
    stock a wide variety of sizes.
    Again they are Repros as info.
  4. EmergencyIan

    EmergencyIan Practically Family

    New York, NY
    Regardless, you’ll be hard pressed to find 75 plus year-old footwear that is fit to wear as intended. Remember these are rubber soled. Those don’t seem to stand the test of time. The leather upper varies, from what I’ve seen.

    There are, now, some excellent repros on the market. I’ve had great experiences with At The Front’s Made in the USA versions.

    - Ian
  5. srahimian24

    srahimian24 New in Town

    Thanks for the replies all, I have a pair of ATF boots I am enjoying, and also stumbled across a pair of NOS boots in my size. Also, to alay some of the concerns from previous posters, the original boots would not in anyway be for daily wear. I will post pics comparing the ATF boots to the originals when they arrive from the mail
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  6. Rick

    Rick New in Town

    any updates?
  7. Dumpster Diver

    Dumpster Diver Practically Family

    What size are you wearing? I have steel toed Canadian Parade boots (Dated 1942) with solid brass grommets, and original laces in NM condition (They've never been broken in or polished!) Due to age, some of the nails in the soles are oxidized and might need replacing if you intend to wear them, but IMHO they make INCREDIBLE high quality reproductions if you do some searching!

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