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Pegasus D pocket cross zip

I've no good excuse for this purchase other than I've wanted one since 2012 and just never got around to it. Luck brought this very gently used one my way. This is my second Pegasus, I originally ordered a CR from Kevin back in 2012 and loved it but made the mistake of sizing it too small for my expanding frame.
The leather on this jacket is wildly different from the CR. You can read my review of it and see a pic or two here:
http://www.thefedoralounge.com/threads/pegasus-durable-clothing-horsehide-cafe-racer-review.65756/ It's funny how my view on CXL changed over the years. ;) This jacket (I believe) is aged merlot and is no longer available from Pegasus.
This jacket is way thicker and considerably heavier/stiffer than the CR. Not CXL stiff but stiff none the less. It's also far more glossy. To me this jacket is an interesting mix of an old school Trojan style m/c jacket and something from the 70's. I mean the lapels are GIANT. It seems that Pegasus has a flair for the dramatic with regard to collars and lapels. The collar on my CR was like a leather turtleneck. The design is quite appealing to my eye. Love the chest height D pocket which is leather lined. The throat latch is cool too tho I'll never use it. The handwarmers look great but don't really work to well as actual pockets. Much like the Vanson Gambler, when they are cut at this angle it's just odd.
The back is beautiful. The pleats and half belt are nice although I feel the HB should be 1" lower. This jacket is 1" longer than standard so that may account for why. I wouldn't have requested additional length. There's a pretty good deal of front drop and this sits right at my threshold for front length. Inside features a buttoned interior pocket and is lined in a toasty, super soft almost flannel like wool. It has a beefy Ideal main zip which is sewn slightly curved and a conmar repro chest zip.
The shoulders are square and neat, slim sleeves and button cuffs. I really look forward to putting some miles on it this fall and winter. I had to move quickly with fit pics to avoid heat stroke and they are up to my usual low standard but hey, at least I'm not in the bathroom. Bottom line is Pegasus makes a Hell of a jacket. I hope Kevin is doing well and keeps up what I consider to be really exceptional work.
And now I'm done with jackets forever.










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I'll Lock Up
I once knew a cat named Tony
Like a pegasus, he'd fly into the night
Most of his jackets had zips
That slanted a little left, or a little right

Now before you call over the nurse
And order an intervention with fries
Try to see what this man sees
A spectacle of the world's beauty,
Asking to be tried on for size.


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Sharp looking jacket Ton! Those expansion pleats in the back seams, that line up with the yoke points, are an ingenious design element! Do they add much mobility?

If you ever get around to it, I'd be curious to know the size, measurements, and weight of it.

Nice jacket for your last one... now it's time to start looking at comfortable cardigan sweaters:


And, no, that's not me... I have a beard ;)
They do add a small degree of mobility. Not a whole heck of a lot but a little. Fortunately I love a good cardigan and have that base squarely covered although I don't have a pale yellow one;)
The jacket is a size 44". 23" p2p, 19" shoulders and 26" back length and sleeve.
Weighs about 7lbs.


One Too Many
Nice one and great fit, I love my Pegasus glad to see another one on the forum.

By the way I don't think it's the merlot color but their standard brown.
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Yeah, adding another jacket to the essential jackets list... Great. Luftwaffe in this hide, too. The cuffs are the best thing ever and I'm really falling in love with this chest D-pocket placement. Right where it should be. Looks crazy heavy! That inside sleeve/armpit patch of leather, I swear it appears to be more than 2mm thick. All around a perfect jacket, really.
I know that on this forum, forever means a month and even that's a stretch - which is perfectly fine and normal and the only way it should be - but it's really just the kind of jacket that checks all the boxes for what a leather jacket should be, do and look like. Beautiful, heavy, pockets for everything you can possibly carry arranged in a perfect way, warm and beautiful. You actually can't do any better than this, this time. IMO. Equal it, perhaps, but improve on it. . .
I was honestly shocked at the thickness of the hide! It's just totally different than the CR I had, which was probably around 2.5oz. I think I can take this one straight thru winter as the wool is very warm and soft. I have a weird allergy to certain wools but thankfully this isn't that type.
The handwarmers really feel more like cargo type pockets, with the angle they are cut at.
My collection of styles isn't all that diverse but looking in the closet... the color palette certainly is!

Doctor Wholittle

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I've never been an inotdinate cross-zip fan; only certain ones jump out at me and beat me into submission/appreciation.

THAT cross-zip is #1 with a crowbar.

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!!! Thank you for sharing this!

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