petroleum jelly?

Discussion in 'Beauty' started by Naama, Nov 23, 2005.

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    Oof! This makes my skin sad :( It's a wax and is water resistant and not a humectant (that which attracts moisture) if anything one would use a moisturizer and then use this barrier product to seal in moisture. It doesn't let the skin breathe and release the oil and toxins it needs to, to be healthy. Individual results will vary of course, but there are so many better and face friendly products out there. Unless one uses alcohol afterward, there will always be a residue- if your eye makeup smudges during the day, that kind of thing.

    Back to the original poster's comments- it can work in that capacity, but there are so many products out there now that are designed for that water look that don't run (warm to the body) and last longer on the eye than vaseline/jelly. Just ask around at your local beauty counter- they are usually called gloss or shine serums. Even some primers can do the trick!
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    Well I've read that almond oil is an awesome, thing to give your eyes shine and i have also
    read, and tried using it as an eye makeup remover which works good than any product
    i have come across.
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    Please don't petro. or petro by products on your skin.
    Moisturize and skip powder for a glowing effect.

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