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Real McCoy's unlined J-100 (BJ19001) experiences?


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Anyone have any experience with this jacket? Wondering about four things...

1. The measurements are different than both the current lined version, the BJ19110, and the older lined version, the BJ9110. Does the unlined version fit more like the 19110 or the 9110? Or somewhere in between the two?

2. RMC describes the Shinki leather on all other J-100 versions as "tannin" or vegetable-tanned horsehide, while the unlined version is a "combination tanned" horsehide. Is it also Shinki? How does the leather compare to that on the lined versions? Thicker or thinner? Stiffer or more pliable? Is it a tea-core?

3. The zipped sleeves are not gusseted- are the sleeve zips positioned on the top of the arm/wrist where they can scratch a watch case? Or are they beneath/on the side of the arms?

4. Does the jacket stick, cause discomfort, or is it difficult to take off due to the lack of a lining?

Not much info out there on this jacket... hoping one of the experts on here can shed some light. Many thanks!!
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Nothing from my google-fu and no replies here... I am starting to get the feeling that RMC has never actually been able to sell an unlined version J-100, ha ha.


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Personally, I have never known of RMC unlined version. I know based on the many post on the subject the hide used for the newer model is said to be thicker and the cut more generous ( longer torso). I have to say personally owning the old j-100 it smells so different from the advertised Shinki products I have seen recently. Also, I like the old cut of J100

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