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Schott, Legendary USA and Vanson

Canuck Panda

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Ok Gents, I think it's safe to say that if it has a MiUSA label it will have better material, regardless of brands, LW, Schott, Vanson, I will throw in WD too who should be a good representation of the small mom/pop indies. I will start with the zipper. The American ones looks like this:

and this

There is that little "U" marking, and the metal is a bit thicker, and the operation is a bit smoother, than the import:

Which has no "U" marking the back and is a bit thinner, and sometimes gets stuck. But overall it's still very good zip. Most people wouldn't even notice the difference. I am just anal about this.
US YKK thickness:

Import YKK Thickness:

The US YKK does operate smoother, 9/10 times than the import which will get stuck at least 1/10 times.

Now the leather:
Not all Vansons comp weight are equal. I bought mine new, all comp weight, at different price points. I have to say that the lower priced Highwayman (I had two sizes and returned one), have different/inferior leather to the higher priced Chopper or the Bones jacket. The Highwayman jackets I have also had a gasoline smell when new, but not the Chopper or the Bones. The price difference between each is about 200 dollars. I will suggest to stay away from anything with a center back seam.
I haven't got around to complete my East Coast collection and replace the Vanson Highwayman with a new Schott 61x yet, but I am quite certain the Schott uses the same leather as Walter Dyer. Which has no top coat, but nice and thick. The good Comp weight is basically the same leather with a water proof coating that makes it stiffer and needs more break in. Both are most likely from the same tanneries on the East Coast, there aren't that many left.
I have a consipiracy theory that the cheaper comp weights material came from import source, not US tanneries. Just a theory, based on the gasoline smell and my tin foil hat.
WD naked cow:

Vanson good comp weight:

Vanson BAD Comp weight (I think its imported material, just my theory)

Now my rant on the pattern and mobility. It's like Betty Crocker Receipe. All East Coast brands are more or less the same thing! The Vanson Highwayman size 44 is almost identical to the LW J24 Size 46. The only difference is the PRICE, and the thickness/stiffness in leather and of course the finishing. All are excellent products.
Vanson Highwayman 44 measured P2P to neck the same the Lost World J24 46, both has almost identical sleeves and rotation. The thing that makes these jackets great is the BIG folded pleats that allow more extention. But jackets like the wide P2P Cafe racers are the same, or the CHP jacket above. They just do it with the big back panel and no pleats, for a more streamline look.


Will continue in the next post because can only attach 10 photos in one...

Canuck Panda

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Vanson doesn't own the the title to BEST pattern. Every East coast moto apparel manufacturer would share the same crown! Sorry for the rant but it's true.

What Vanson do well is they offer Warranty in writing:

But I am quite sure Schott and every other big brand will back up their products too.

There is a 10% off the Vanson jackets this long weekend. I would suggest to stay away from the lower price point ones. Vintage could possibly give you better comp weight leather but I do not know because I don't have one. I seriously think they are using different comp weight leathers. All the fancy comp weight customs posted here looked like the same leather used on my Bones, not the gasoline smell one on the Highwayman. Buyer beware!


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Hats off to sensei Panda again. I had no idea about the YKK zippers. As I was reading your post, I had my JL on and checked the zipper. Sure as $hit, it said USA on it.

I think Schott uses different tanneries than Vanson. I have no experience with Schott naked leather, if you want a naked leather like WD, you should get a 118. Schott steerhide (618, 613) has some minor scars and blemishes in it (which I like). I believe Vanson uses corrected hides that are uniform and printed? And Schott horsehide is imported, rumored to be from Italy.


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I think your legendary has the best fit, and good shoulder slope, but I dislike its panels design seems very mass product easy to make with minimal leather waste oriented thing.


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I think your legendary has the best fit, and good shoulder slope, but I dislike its panels design seems very mass product easy to make with minimal leather waste oriented thing.
Thanks, I recently acquired this Legendary . What is not pictured is elbow panels and pre-curv sleeves. As for panels I agree it has a fair share but then they used big panels on the back. This jacket is another Schott NYC private labeled for Legendary built in 2006.

Canuck Panda

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My horsehide Vanson was from early 2000s. They sometimes even used Riri zippers on jackets then. No more...

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