Schott x 3sixteen - Grail Jacket

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by mjunderw00d, May 10, 2021.

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    TLDR: WTB a Schott x 3sixteen Perfecto collab, size Small. Ideally a horsehide, but open to the steerhide too. I know these are so hard to find, but I might as well put it out into the universe, just in case

    Well, I’ve been bit by the “grail jacket” bug. And, of course, it always happens with a jacket that’s no longer available. Something about that allure…

    I almost scored a Schott x 3sixteen horsehide collab jacket. But, the owner got cold feet and decided he didn’t want to sell after all. But, it was a good research project. I was able to try on the Schott 519 locally, and understand that for my tall and slim frame, it was a perfect match. Being able to size down and fit snug, while still having enough length for my tall frame was a perfect recipe. Most Moto jackets are naturally short (like the 618, 613, 613S), so the 519 seems to get some flack with the extra body length. But for tall slim folks, it turns out to be a nice middle ground.

    I may pick up a used 519 at some point, just to hold me over. But the cleaner silhouette of the 3sixteen (no epaulettes, no belt, plus the unique leather options) have my drooling for the grail.

    So, if anyone stumbles on one, you know who to yell for

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    See if they have these at the LA Shop. I think it's pretty close to same jacket other than the liner. The VN will have been washed and dryer treatment like I told you what I did to my 519. I don't mind the wavy zipper on a cross zip, but some people don't like it. But the VN just speeds along the break down, grain popping, etc. Otherwise check out the "regular" version. It's the same leather as the 519, so it's not a bad break in either. Just a little shiny at first.

    Hand Vintaged Cowhide Clean Motorcycle Jacket 503VN (
    Men's Light Weight Cowhide Motorcycle Jacket 503 (
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    I think the 3sixteen collab is a big selling point for this one, though. The brand has a pretty big following so I imagine a non-collab Schott, even if it is mostly exactly the same, isn't seen in the same light as the collab version.
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