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  1. biothermal

    Questions about a thrifted 50s (?) 613HH Perfecto I picked up a few weeks back.

    Hey folks, first post on here, fingers crossed I've got the rules down but feel free to yell at me if not. I can move this over to a post in the 'Ask A Question, Get An Answer About Outerwear' thread if this is simply taking up unnecessary room. Anyway, picked up this 613HH (I think - this is...
  2. A

    Vintage Schott-Beck Motorcycle Jackets

    I couldn't find a specific thread on this topic, though I saw several adjacent. I figured it was appropriate to have one because this is definitely one of the pieces to this history. It's well known that Beck had jackets made by Schott, some of which were available under a different model name...
  3. D

    FS: Schott 613SH perfecto Size 40

    Unfortunately a catch-and-release after buying from another forum member! Sizing didn't work out for me and I'm gutted, as it truly is in fantastic shape. Epaulets and belt were removed. Thanks FL! $550 shipped CONUS .
  4. F

    FS: Left Field x Vanson Commando S leather jacket

    Good afternoon, selling my Left Field x Vanson Commando S leather jacket. It is in really great condition. size is Large. It's a great jacket but I now I need a medium Commando or something similar in size 42. You are welcome to pass by and try it out if needed, just PM me if ever you are...
  5. M

    WTT Schott x 3sixteen horsehide perfecto Small for Medium

    Hi Feds! Longtime lurker, first-time poster. I have a 3sixteen x Schott horsehide perfecto in small that I love! Unfortunately, life has resulted in the jacket fitting a little snug. Maybe a long shot but anyone have a medium that they would like to trade? Cheers!
  6. Observe

    Schott P613S Black CXL Steerhide Size L $800 OBO

    Hi, another catch and release from a fellow member here. I went a bit overboard with jackets lately and I'm realizing I now have too many. This jacket is beautiful but it's gotta go. I paid $800USD for this, looking to get as close to that as possible. Free shipping in NA. Open to offers, not...
  7. K

    Schott Perfecto ID

    Hey Schott experts, I scored this vintage Perfecto which I think dates from the early 70’s judging by the label. I can’t find the model number, there’s no label in the chest zipper pocket. Anyone know what it is?
  8. V

    Schott Perfecto 618H sz. 38 EU

    Hi guys, I am quite new to posting on this forum, although I browse about every day. I am selling my Schott Perfecto 618H jacket, as it is simply too big for me, which makes it look a little too bulky for my taste. I have had somewhat common modifications done to it. The belt has been cut...
  9. sinnedk


    3SIXTEEN X SCHOTT WAXED ROUGHOUT COWHIDE JACKET size = S which is equivalent to a 38 pics => I love this jacket but it simply doesnt work in my wardrobe these days, im not desperate so if someone wants the jacket im trying to break even + shipping and PayPal on you. Lets say $1300 to start...
  10. J

    For Sale: Vintage 1970s Schott Perfecto Cafe Racer

    Preface Hi all! This is my first post to the forum. Though I'm new here, I'm extremely active on other platforms, primarily focusing on Red Wing Heritage footwear over the last three years and, more recently, Schott NYC jackets. I'm a Top Rated Seller on eBay with over 1,170 Positive Feedback...
  11. mjunderw00d

    FS: Schott 613SH - Size 38 (Horsehide)

    Selling this gently used and modified Schott 613SH (S = slim, H = horsehide) in size 38. I’ve cleanly cut off the epaulettes and belt, giving it a more clean and modern silhouette (a pretty common modification). Asking $600. Retails for $940 plus tax. Overall it’s in excellent condition, just...
  12. T

    Removing Schott perfecto's quilted lining.

    Hello, I'm thinking of removing the fixed quilted lining of my Schott 118 for a lighter one. I'm not riding and the quilted insulated lining is often too warm and makes this jacket not versatile enough. First, have some of you taken this road and was it a big improvement for you ? And...
  13. M

    FS: Like New Schott NYC Perfecto 618hh Black Biker Jacket (size 36)

    I recently purchased this like new 618hh off of grailed and fell in love with it. unfortunately I am a size 38 so I’d like to re-sell quickly so I can purchase a 38 from a friend’s local shop!! This is a steal imho. The jackets minor flaw is SLIGHT wear on the collar (pictured). While it still...
  14. Bahabp100

    Sold SCHOTT Brown oiled Nubuck suede cowhide size 50

    Available: Schott Perfecto Cross Zip Dark Brown oiled Nubuck suede cowhide size 50. FS SCHOTT Perfecto 150 jacket size 50. This was made from the early 1990s and has a suede/nubuck finish. The style 150 was produced from 1992-1994 and was a heavy nubuck leather. The leather was dull in...
  15. Bahabp100

    SCHOTT Perfecto 150 cross zip MC jacket size 50 made early 1990s Brown suede Nubuck roughout

    $249 includes Priority USPS shipping in USA. The style 150 was produced from 1992-1994 and was a heavy nubuck leather. The leather was dull in appearance and did have a rough-out feel to the leather. Jacket is in great condition, with heavy Nubuck suede leather. It is made out of an oily nubuck...
  16. P

    Trade Perfecto’s?

    I have an amazing condition 1991 618 size 40. I’m looking to trade it for a similar condition 618 possibly 118 in size 38.
  17. A

    Hidden in Plain Schott: the 613SH Perfecto

    As mentioned yesterday in WAYWT, I picked up a 613SH yesterday from the factory sale. [Before you get your hopes up, and line up to get one at 70% off, the 613SH was not a clearance sale item; I bought it from stock. There were CXL 613s in the clearance area though…] Jason Schott, David...
  18. mjunderw00d

    3sixteen x Schott: Waxy Steerhide Perfecto, size Small

    Hey all! Selling this incredible collab jacket from 3sixteen and Schott. Album here: https://imgur.com/a/w9JPBoa I’ve got 2 makeups from them that are super similar, and can’t justify keeping them both around, so I’m parting with this one. It’s in excellent condition, hardly any signs of...
  19. mjunderw00d

    Laer Brand + Snake Oil Provisions jacket - Medium

    Bump — dropping to $360 Selling this gently used exclusive collab leather jacket from Laer + Snake Oil Provisions. I absolutely love this thing, but it's just not the right fit for my body type. Album: https://imgur.com/a/O3Oz2X0 The details: Perfecto-style, but cleaned up with no belt or...
  20. Apollo

    WTB: Schott 519 Large or Schott 525 large

    Good day I would like to buy a Black Schott 519 large and/or Black Schott 525 large jacket. Thanks

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