Seeking Vintage Maritime Photos 1900s - 1950s

Discussion in 'The Display Case' started by Old Mariner, Aug 24, 2020.

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    (I wasn't sure where to post this, so if it needs so.)

    I am keeping a look out for vintage maritime photos - specifically ones showing the clothing of seafarers.

    Right now these are all I have found that are decent:

    082bb0742a64a61d8f72640b231e8d90.jpg German Seaman 1929

    fbede2d2188411ce15e2e18639a08517.jpg Hamburg, Germany 1950s

    b98f12d64b46a45c8c62af2dcaeda0b0.jpg Swedish Fisherman 1920s

    Fishermen, Hamburg 1925

    The reason I am doing this is for clothing research. I am trying to collect some information and then use this to refine my wardrobe more. I have one site that is really good that I found:

    Plus, my "Rund Kap Hoorn" book [in German] has a good list of harbor, winter, and summer clothing.

    I am not looking to wear period pieces, but use modern pieces that most closely resemble what was used.

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