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Discussion in 'The Powder Room' started by Tatum, Sep 5, 2010.

  1. jillybeanlynn

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    New Orleans, LA
    I have a few Aris Allen's and use them for dancing and regular wear. At some point, they do need to be re-soled. They're just not designed for sidewalks and streets. But, I haven't had to do that yet, partly due to procrastination. The velvet on two of mine is completely worn down, and I put those stick-on non-skid things to just protect them until I get to a cobbler. And I asked around here at a few places, and they all quoted about $20 or less.
  2. :eek:fftopic: Ain't it the truth? For the past year or two, my Holy Grail of shoes has been a brown leather 30s-40s style oxford with a medium heel. Something a little daintier than the WAC shoe, but not too dressy and useless, either. So far I've come up empty-handed.
  3. Tatum

    Tatum Practically Family

    Sunshine State
    That was the one thing that scared me, the slip factor, and they have been fine. At home and upstairs at the restaurant we have hardwood, and they have the most slide there. (Which means I can dance a bit at work, as we have good music and it seems to make people smile!) Concrete and everything else has been pretty good, and if you get them a tad bit wet, they stick to the floor darn well! I am sure I will have to have them resoled in a few months, but well worth it for happy feet.

    Even the kitchen staff complimented me on them. I am used to hearing, "Oh, great hair tonight!" and instead it's been, "Killer kicks!" :D
  4. Lovely Leah

    Lovely Leah Familiar Face

    Yes indeed, I am also on a quest for pair brown leather oxfords. In the mid 1990's, I purchased a pair of brown kid leather oxfords with a lizard trim on the toe and heel. They had five or six eyelets and tied up high on the foot and about and 1.5 or 1.75 inch heel. I am not sure if they were from the forties. I wasn't much into vintage in those days. My guess they were from a later era since they were a new purchase, I found them in an orthopedic shoe store. They were a great pair of work shoes, comfortable beyond words After two or three trips to the cobbler for resoling and countless heel lifts, the leather on the vamp wore out on one of the shoes. The brand was Foot Defender, a few years later I came accross almost the very same shoe in red. I still have those babies.
  5. RodeoRose

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    I, too, have been hunting for some sensible, authentic-looking heeled oxfords for a while now.

    These are $70.00; not what I usually spend on shoes, but I might make these Bass oxfords my Christmas present to myself. They're real leather and supposedly very comfortable with extra soft insoles, if the website's to be trusted.

    They have some really cute, classic spectator pumps, too.

    Unfortunately, though the price is right on this pair, they only have them left in sizes 5.5 to 7.5; bad news for me and my massive feet, but if any of you ladies are interested, these are $39.99 at ModCloth:
  6. 40'sfetish

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    Melbourne, Australia

    Oh My Goodness, I have these....well almost, mine have a black toe as well but the shape is exactly the same. All leather but mine cost me $130 in Melbourne Australia.

    Bad news for me too, sizes are all too small for my clodhoppers, pity cause I love these
  7. Trumpetina

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    St. Louis, Missouri
    I second this! I have two pairs, and I am very fond of them both. I can wear them all day with no problems! A great value for the money!
  8. melisam

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    Do you find the clarks comfortable? I got laid off from my previous job and started working at a make-up factory, I'm constantly moving around the whole day and standing on my feet, I need comfortable shoes to wear during my time at work, I was wearing crocs when I first started but there has been heavy snow and I am now unable to wear them, a lot of people I know have clarks but don't know if their actually comfortable or not.
  9. lareine

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    New Zealand
    Clarks are a "school shoe" brand in the UK. They are all about comfort!
  10. Miss Sis

    Miss Sis One Too Many

    I've found Clarks shoes very comfortable. Just bought three pairs in the sales!

    Usually I found they were spot on for size but lately I've had to try them on as in the past I was a UK 6 1/2 - one pair that size were even a little large - but of the last ones, two pairs are UK 7 and one pair are UK 7 1/2!

    Lizzie, you would be a 7 or 7 1/2 in Clarks by previous experience, but I suspect they have re-jigged their sizing lately.

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