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Some words on classic tobacco stores

I don't know about other places on Earth, but here in old Germany I actually can't complain.
Three classic tobacco stores in my next bigger city, I'm frequenting, two owner-operated (!), one chain store in main railstation.

Like I said here in the Lounge, before:
If someone (especially from Germany) talks the same old BS of "Service-Desert", just don't listen. Maybe, it existed in the 90s, I don't know. But not today, in general.
Especially chain-stores are surely fearing, that a test-shopper could come along.

One thing, I can def. say about my frequented stores:
They are WILLING to sell stuff, absolutely. So I just can't complain. They take the needed time for the customers.

AND what I like is the fact, that we, here in super analog 80s-Germany :p, still got these two kinds of (tobacco) stores. We got the big sortiment stores, which are naturally highly frequented and we still got the small sortimented "Grandpa" stores with no additional online-shops.
I mean, the classic Grandpa stores always benefit from the fact, that they got their steady customers, which often like to visit, because they just don't have to shedule time for standing in row at the register, which is the problem of the big sortimented stores, where you can experiencing up to 10 people at the register, in "evil daytimes". ;)

The classic Grandpa store, I'm visiting, funnily opened in 2012. I think, he must be already 65+, but I don't know. But he knows his business, that's a fact. He's the classic "old-timer".

Both brothers (or maybe father and son) in the big sortimented store of course know their business, but the majority of customers is buying simply handrolling tobacco and usual accessoires, all the typical cheapy stuff for the masses.

My mainstation chain-store is of course different, but the middle-aged ladies are nice and friendly and they got an astonishing sortiment of pipe tobacco in relation to the small size of the store! So, if a traveller has not much time to visit city center, he surely can be pleased with needed tobacco stuff.

But altogether, I'm gladly supporting all my three frequented tobacco/pipe stores, I tell you!

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