Swedish 1940's grey 3-piece suit herringbone pinstripe Sz. 40 (EU 50) Long

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    Beautiful 1930-40's DB suit from Sweden in grey herringbone with pinstripes.

    Good condition. Some moderate wear on trousers, but fully wearable suit.
    Lovely extra details (darts and pen-pockets) on waistcoat.

    Great craftmanship throughout. Label "Matts - Herr Service - Falun".

    Size is US/UK 40 Long aproximately.
    (EU Sz. 50 Long).


    Chest 54 cm, 21.3 in
    Back 77 cm without collar, 30 in
    Sleeves 68 cm, 26.7 in (maximally let out. Originally 1.5 inches shorter.)
    Shoulders 46 cm, 18 in (widest padded part on top)

    Trouser waist: 88 cm, 34.6 in (maximally let out)
    Inseam: 79 cm, 31.1 in
    Outseam: 108 cm, 42.5 in (full cuffs with 10 cm, 4 in inlay to let out)
    Foot width: 25 cm, 9.9 in

    Price: 350 Euros plus lowest actual shipping.
    DHL with tracking.
    Paypal accepted.

    Write a note on this thread and PM me.

    5 Matts Anzug Schweden 40er (1).jpg 5 Matts Anzug Schweden 40er (2).jpg
    20200527_155352.jpg 20200527_155416.jpg 20200527_155438.jpg
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  2. Fastuni

    Fastuni Call Me a Cab


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