Technical features, you can really do without?

Discussion in 'The Observation Bar' started by Trenchfriend, Feb 25, 2018.

  1. GHT

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    New Forest
    My 8746 DFM GPO telephone, that I have had since 1968, doesn't have touch tone technology. Press, or in my case, dial, one for the money, two for the show and you cut yourself off. We had to install a modern phone alongside it, not so much for the tech compatibility, as for being able to see the incoming call's number.

    If ever there was a case of rant inducing technology it has to be The Bosch cooking hob. Our former, rather cheap, electric hob shattered, my missus wants a Bosch. It cost a ransom, but it keeps life sweet, she has her Bosch. I forgot to add, that it's electric, not gas.

    There are no dials, to make adjustments in temperature you have touch pads. In order for them to work you must ensure that they are perfectly dry, in a cooking area, your finger is perfectly dry and you have limitless patience. You can stand there for ages trying to get the thing to work, just remember to start cooking about ten minutes before you used to. Wretched thing!
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    Isle of Langerhan, NY
    When the robo-voice says, 'Say or select,' I always select.
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    vancouver, canada
    I am on the other side of this. We upgraded our kitchen and I wanted to switch to gas but my wife had huge resistance to me and open flame in the same room so I got out voted....she counted the cat's vote. We ended up with a Bosch induction and I hated it at first but now I am in love with it. I have yet to burn a pot two years later. The fine controls, once my fat fingers got used to the positioning, give me instant control on the temp. I find it a joy to cook with and am glad for everyone's sake didn't switch to gas. I scald the milk for my coffee in the morning and the induction heats the milk quicker than did our microwave (we tossed the microwave during the reno)
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    I have noticed that as well with the food tasting better, and cooking better, in the oven.

    Last time I had a TV was back in 2004. I don't miss it. I watched some stuff on Netflix - I like the period dramas (Mad Men, Peaky Blinders,...and Downton Abbey - although they never finished that on Netflix, so I would have to start all over in watching it). Sometimes I like a good documentary - Nature, some socio-political, historical (the Vietnam War one by Ken Burns was really good). I just tend to be picky about what I subject my mind too *gives side eye to the questionable stuff on YouTube* (of which I have mostly "let's plays" saved in my youtube library - but have watched decent historical stuff and style videos by Gentlemen's Gazette and Real Men Real Style).
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    I wanted a gas hob when I last did my kitchen, but I changed my mind when told it would cost an extra grand to get it in, then on top of that the electric ones had come on so far by then that there was no real advantage to having gas for speed. Similarly, I've since gotten shot of the microwave, and found I don't miss it at all. It does mean I have the occasional extra pot to wash, but that's far from the end of the world. Sort of stuff I would have mircrowaved before is just as quick on the hob now.

    I keep the TV licence going because I like the BBC and BBC Radio, though certainly I watch very little on broadcast now, far more via the various streaming services. I firmly believe we're a decade away from the phasing out of linear broadcasting as we know it - if even that.
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    Oh, I love this thread. Thanks Trenchfriend! What are the takeaways?
    George Orwell was right.
    1984 came and went and it is too late now.
    Most "apps" to use the term broadly are useless, and are designed to sell you something. It may take a while but the "the boys" will find you.
    Everything is designed to separate us from the real world and make us more brain dead, (see automatic transmission, for example).
    I'm glad I was born in the 50's and grew up in the 60's. I had fun and I had freedom. Now, eh, I'm just a target for merchandising.
    And finally: Get Off My Lawn!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    The last times, I drove my parents in my father's car, I payed more attention on the (variable) electric power-steering of the Kia Venga.

    And yes, it's def. not very precise, at least on normal daily speeds <80 kph. The Kia Rio II (Rio 5) with it's classic belt-driven hydraulic power-steering was much better! Same on the Kia Magentis (1st generation) and absolutely on the Kia Sephia (1st. gen.). :)

    Damn, I miss the Kia Sephia/Mazda 323! They were real cars. :D
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