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Discussion in 'Your Vintage Home' started by St. Louis, Apr 4, 2017.

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    I tend look at the purpose of things. Is it something I could use or just decorative. I do have small collections, like 20's-40's tobacco tins, cigarette pack and cigarette case. For those I just display them together with an old ashtray on a large radio or dresser. Same for some of the other items I have sets of. I got a matching set of transiter radios,a small base model and the larger model and put them together on a dresser. For the most part I like things to look natural and sometimes look through old magazines or family photos for ideas for recreating the 30's-40's look.
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  2. Kahuna

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    Simply stunning. I would love to spin some of my 78s in that room.
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    I had my epiphany about a year ago. The amount of unnecessary material I had accumulated was weighing me down and I despaired when forced to examine it. I finally started by calling a local auctioneer who specializes in estate sales and started putting things in his auctions. I am not done yet, but I have made a respectable start and have been surprised how much better I feel about what remains. I have also given things away to anyone who showed an interest and have had several bonfires of jetsam and flotsam. I have kept what I like and use and no longer purchase things simply because they are available and catch my eye.
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    I never considered myself a hoarder till I cleaned out my mother's house. Then I knew I had the gene. Like any true addict, the telling moment was "stuff withdrawl". I would rationalize that it didn't cost anything to care and feed my stuff... until I moved my mother (her stuff) into her first storage locker, struggled with selling her precious stuff that had no resale value, then moved it to another storage locker closer to home, still couldn't sell it, and finally loaded the truck for Restore a.k.a. Habitat for Humanity. Insert the cost of rental trucks between the moves.

    Note to self: Salvation Army and Goodwill are overloaded with precious stuff and have become really picky.
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  5. Mae

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    Need to show this thread to a relative of mine who goes to many an estate sale and has 2 storage barns full of stuff already. You could be quite helpful.
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    I think a good guideline, at least for me, when it comes to purchasing things such as decorative knick-knacks, is, do I really like it, or would I just be buying it because it fits into a theme?

    If it's the former, then it comes home with me. If it's the latter it won't.
  7. St. Louis

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    I've often felt that most of the things I see in antique stores & antique malls are gifts people (especially aunts and Grandmas) received for Christmas and birthdays and never wanted to use.

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