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  1. You need to get out of the city, & see this beautiful country. That ain't wallpaper in the background:

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  2. I'd like to, believe me, but for the foreseeable future the circumstances of life have me firmly entrenched where I am. Maybe someday...
  3. The point being Gatherings featuring stories, poetry, music, parades & trailrides have been going on for a very long time. Durango sells out every yr & is happening this weekend.

  4. Louis Mountbatten

    Louis Mountbatten One of the Regulars

    Oh, for sure. Cowboy poetry has a long pedigree.
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  5. Ross Young

    Ross Young Practically Family

    Casual stroll, hope that kid is strapped in!
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  6. That's for your cooler & grill when tailgating.
  7. Bicycle built for three.
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  8. Camel billboards in a circus parade in Boonville, Missouri. 1898.

  9. Ross Young

    Ross Young Practically Family

    Great one Bob, incredibly clear detail when zoomed too (even caught the guy on the bottom left with his fedora on backwards!)
  10. The riverboat landing in Boonville was at the bottom of the original Main Street & a steep grade. A team of horses had to be used to pull wagons of freight up the grade when unloading the riverboats. I suppose Boonville could of had a rail line by 1898 but I wonder if this parade could have started at the landing?
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  11. I found a winner:


    Note The Gem Billiard Hall.
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  12. carouselvic

    carouselvic I'll Lock Up

    Cowboys enjoying a cup of coffee before bed, Bell Ranch near Wagon Mound, New Mexico

    Photographer: Harvey Caplin
    Date: 1945?
    Negative Number: 008538

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  13. "You'll poke your eye out ..." (Civil War veterans with Cub Scout, 1939)

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  14. There are records of flag carriers & drummer boys as young as 13 who served in the Civil War. That means in 1939 he was at least 91 yrs old.
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  15. He would have been little older than the cub scout at the time of the war. Remarkable.
  16. I was thinking in another 10-12 yrs the Cub Scout probably got his chance to serve in Korea.
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  17. Good point.
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  18. upload_2021-10-11_13-22-42.png
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  19. Johnny Clem enlisted as a regular soldier in the Civil War at age 11. He was a sergeant at the age of 12, one of the youngest Union soldiers on record. He would spend much of his life in the Army; he was a brigadier general when he retired in 1915. He lived to be 85 and is buried in Arlington National Cemetery.



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