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(The Real) CiDu Leather


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Aliexpress is advertising an upcoming sale. If you are looking for a men's skirt this one looks interesting. I don't have a lot of men's skirts in my closet.

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Back to leather jackets, I have a few to show.

This first one is a leather aviator's vest, according to the description, made by Cidu. I think it's decent, and distinctive. I think Freewheelers had something in this pattern, and I've seen canvas and leather versions. It's surprisingly warm, has a bunch of pockets, the only thing I don't like about it is the main zipper is a lefty. Lefty zippers are the bane of my existence.


The Type I is a Cidu, and if anyone's interested in it, it's an XXL, fits like a 42/Large. It's still got the tags, perfect condition, and I'd take $200 for it, and it's worth that. It's fine, but I don't feel like I'm a Type I kind of guy after all. I like pockets.


This is a hybrid of a Type II and Type III made by Pineal Jet. It has hand warmers, one chest pocket, in kind-of a Type III style, and front pleats like a Type II. It's a bit heavier than the Type I but the same color, probably same leather tannage, but just a nicer piece or a nicer batch. Fits well, comfortable, looks good. The buttons say "HORSE HIDE" but I'm not going to take it to a DNA lab to find out.



The white balance on my phone camera makes the contrast stitching look white in a few of these, but it's actually yellow-orange, same color as on the button hole stitching, which came through somehow.

These are not in the same league as Freewheelers (and I haven't handled Flat Head, RMC, Fine Creek/High Large, etc. to compare directly, but they're obviously not going to be on that level.) But I think they offer a good value. For 10x more you can get a better jacket, but I don't know that I'd say that you're getting a 10x better jacket. Some people would rather wear a jacket that they won't cry about if something happens to it because it cost a couple of car payments.

I also really like the look of this two-tone leather Lee 101 storm rider clone. But then they've got Theodoros selling a canvas-and-leather B-3 for them at this same store, so I gotta draw the line now.
Hey there, if you are still looking to sell that Type I I’m interested.

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